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At Colliers International, we acknowledge our responsibility as one of the world's largest real estate service companies to be leaders in thought and action supporting sustainability for business and the built environment.
Did you know that most of the world's pollution comes from buildings? Most people think it comes from cars, but that's not true--in fact, only about 16% of the world's pollution comes from cars, while 40% comes from buildings. As a result, Colliers and our clients have an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact on environmental stewardship through our sustainability services.
Building energy use represents a significant percentage of most companies’ carbon footprints. Energy savings and reduced waste in buildings is also cost-effective and financially rewarding.
Colliers’ sustainability strategies help our clients create healthier workplaces, which can improve employee attraction, retention, wellness and productivity while improving each organization’s financial performance and brand.
To help our clients reach these goals, we sell, lease and manage green space on behalf of landlords, and help tenants find, lease, build out and project manage green space. We also help certify both structural and commercial interior green buildings. Colliers has more than 200 LEED accredited professionals, including LEED-certified project managers.
Colliers’ global reach, extensive client base, distribution network, emphasis on knowledge leadership and our talented team of researchers, communicators, negotiators and implementers allows us to play a key role in the sustainability movement.
Our professional development backbone, Colliers University, offers more than 35 courses in sustainability and green building to further this mission. Courses include:

  • Building Green Services 1 – Commercial Investment Advisory
  • Green Leases
  • Business Case for Sustainability & Green Buildings
  • Green Occupancy
  • Energy Performance of Buildings
  • LEED® AP (accredited professional) and LEED green associate exam prep courses

We believe leadership in sustainability must start at home
We are developing and piloting a comprehensive system for measuring and reducing our footprint as a company and educating our people to do the same at home.  Greening of operations is implemented at both the national and local levels, including our green office programs which are aimed at generating grassroots involvement and cultural transformation.  We also collaborate to implement leading green building solutions and share research, knowledge and best practices internationally. 
To Colliers, sustainability represents new opportunities for growth and vitality in business, society and our individual lives.  We are inspired to rise to the global challenge we all face today and are committed to helping improve the legacy of our global society.
Founding partners and sponsors
Colliers is a Founding Global Partner of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).  Our mutual goal is to lead rapid global market transformation to a more sustainable future.  We act as an Ambassador to the WorldGBC, provide leadership and strategic input for sustainability initiatives on a global basis, support the WorldGBC and existing national Green Building Councils and play a leadership role in the formation of new Green Building Councils in many countries where none exist. 
We are especially proud of Colliers’ success in creating national Green Building Councils around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


We are deeply committed to the communities within which we operate, and to building sustainable business practices, environments and workplaces. We show compassion for those in need and we value and respect each other's differences and individuality.