Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

At Colliers, we support both global and local charities that our professionals and clients are passionate about. Our sponsorships range from donating volunteer hours and in-kind service to cash gifts, and in keeping with our flexible enterprise operating model, most of the charitable decisions happen at the local level.

Colliers Chile:

As a company motivated in contribute day by day to our society, Colliers Chile is committed to our community. Among the corporate social responsibility activities that we have carried out, we are particularly proud of the work our team has done in institutions that selflessly support those who find themselves in less favorable situations.

Last October for a whole day, we worked on improving the facilities of the Church “Life in Christ”, turning it into a happy and full of life place, to be enjoyed by families belonging to the congregation. To achieve this, work teams were formed in the areas of painting, garden, games and mosaic.

The importance of encouraging literature in children's creativity motivated us to carry out an internal campaign to collect books and toys, with the purpose of implementing a playing place and a library in the Church Life in Christ.

Fundación Humaniza's mission, to train children and young people in vulnerable conditions, impelled us to be part of their fundraising initiative through the sale of tickets to the play "Fuck, but I am your mother", whose profits will be used to boost the workshops that day to day impart.

Mater Foundation, dedicated to help children with kidney problems, is another entity that has allowed us to collaborate, through the purchase of a bingo dinner table to raise funds.

Colliers Monterrey: 

We are currently supporting Casa Simón de Betania, which since 1987 has been helping and housing homeless children, teenagers and adults with terminal illnesses. For this matter, we support them by organizing an annual event which takes place at Club Industrial where panelists are invited to give a talk or an interesting and current topic in order to collect funds necessary for the cause.

Last May 9th, the seventh edition of our Panorama 2017 event was held at Industrial Club, where around 350 attendees decided to face the challenge of uncertainty in the country.

We had the valuable participation of 2 panelists: our CEO, Lic. Javier Lomelin and Dr. Macario Schettino, economic and political analyst. We also have sponsors such as Vynmsa, Actinver, Interpuerto, Stiva Industrial, Steelcase, Finsa and Coexsa.

As part of raising awareness for our team on this noble cause, every year we organize a Christmas Festival for children, teenagers and adults from the house so they have a special fun day, and spend time with the entire Colliers Team.

Colliers Brasil:

Easter Solidarity

Collection and donation of hygiene products.

The São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices joined forces to collect donations in our Easter Solidarity.

The Colliers São Paulo employees helped the shelter for orphaned children - SAICA Campo Limpo and in Rio de Janeiro, the institution helped was the Educação Romão Duarte.

During the month of September and October we had the Children's Day Campaign, where we collected toys for donation to the children of the institution "Centro CBC", an institution in Sao Paulo, that receives and assists children in need in cancer treatment.

Winter Solidarity:

In June we had the campaign to collect donations of clothing for the Rita de Cássia Institution, located in Rio de Janeiro. The institution helps children and adults in need of the favela of Rocinha, taking beyond material resources, the affection and love.

Red July:

In July we had the Red July Campaign, which talks about blood donation. All the employees and condominiums that Colliers manages also participated in the campaign. There were more than 200 candidates, 150 donations and 48 people donating for the first time.


We are deeply committed to the communities within which we operate, and to building sustainable business practices, environments and workplaces. We show compassion for those in need and we value and respect each other's differences and individuality.