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Buy, Sell and Lease Properties

Our approach to marketing property is not a list of marketing tactics. We have developed a system of market orientation that creates a strong demand, a competitive environment and a continuous feedback loop, which allows for corrections along the property market cycle.
We distinguish ourselves from our marketing services relative to other firms in two ways: segmented prospects to make the best use of marketing resources, and we have implemented a process to lead prospects through a "transaction filter "bringing them the basic knowledge of the property until the closing phase of the contract.

1. Market segmentation. Most property sales proposals listed dozens of tactics such as the use of signs, online property listings, brochures and physical views, but lack the strategic segmentation of the potential market to make the best use of available resources.
Our approach is to develop a hierarchy of exploration that defines the users or potential buyers, such as those with the greatest need or those who can pay the highest price.

  • Primary Survey: We connect with the best prospects through personal contact, including calls and visits.
  • Secondary Survey: We reviewed our prospective database through an appropriate direct marketing such as flyers, email and contacts through a broker.
  • Tertiary Survey: We ensure each potential prospect expose tactics of media, such as advertising, online ads, banners and exposure on the network.

2. Filter transactions. It is not enough to simply know a prospect of the availability of their property, they need to understand how well they serve their needs, otherwise the prospectus may discard the opportunity before fully appreciate the value it can bring to your business.
Our experts in marketing properties not only generate potential prospects, also closely monitored as they are introduced to prospective knowledge about property, answering questions and addressing concerns and obstacles.

  • Awareness Stage: The prospect becomes aware of the availability of the building, its location and characteristics.
  • Entendimeinto Stage: The prospect sees the value of your business and its unique needs.
  • Interaction Stage: The leaflet covers the building and / or for space planning and a test to determine their suitability.
  • Stage Transaction: The prospect moves through negotiation and contract stage.
    As a result of the development of these steps, we generate information that alerts owners of the issues that can be corrected during the process of marketing the property and brokerage.