Development and Project Management

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Development and Project Management

Project management can make or break a real estate strategy, poor management can take a relevant event or product launch, stop relocation should not have to time the improvements requested by the tenant, or add costs and confusion.
That's why we have our specialists in project management and project leaders. We provide a responsible and leader for each project, large or small, and a culture that takes the initiative and accept the responsibility to do it right, on time and within budget.

From managing the construction of the "Olympic Oval" for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, to managing green building renovations to our customers who qualify for LEED © (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), we provide knowledge specialists who can anticipate the obstacles of your project and be always ready with a solution.
We offer:

  • One of the highest rates in the industry accreditation
  • Expertise in design and engineering
  • A seamless integration with customers using internal resources and experts
  • proactive management of risk management strategies, allowing the construction of a value chain to minimize delays

Our projects are varied, including services that support nuevasconstrucciones developers, owners and investors with renewals, upgrades and improvements to tenants with lease terms.