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Colliers Pandemic Prevention Measures and Work From Home (WFH) Notice

Colliers has always aimed to be swift, efficient and cautious in facing the challenges of the pandemic. Paying close attention and responding to the government's epidemic policy, and prioritizing the safety and health of customers and employees, from now to June 18th, Colliers will fully adopt WFH (work from home) and the following safety measures:

High-standard epidemic prevention measures

  • Initiate epidemic prevention mechanism: it is recommended that the meeting between clients and Colliers be changed to online/telephone to protect the safety of personal and social public health.
  • Visitor reception measures: Face-to-face visits must only be made for special or urgent needs. When clients visit or Colliers visits clients, masks must be worn, health and travel declarations must be filled out with real names, and body temperature be measured . At the elevator entrance on the first floor, alcohol is also provided to clean their hands. A sanitary and safe distance of 1.5 meters will be maintained during the meeting.

Continuous operation

  • Uninterrupted customer service: Colliers continues to operate. From now on, WFH (work from home) measures will be adopted. The company's operations and all businesses are operating as usual. With complete planning and adequate technical support, we will continue to provide services to our clients and business partners.

Diversified customer service channels

  • We are always committed to meeting the needs of our customers and business partners, and we continue to care about our customers' health and career development. The company provides multiple channels such as telephone, e-mail, and fax to handle related business for customers and reduce personnel contact opportunities.

Colliers truly appreciate your long-term support. In addition to the constant service enthusiasm, we continue to maintain public health, and safety as our primary goal to protect the well being of our staffs and clients.

Thank you for your trust and support.