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Research that matters

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Knowledge is a critical part of the service we offer our clients and research is a key component of this knowledge. Our research team work in partnership with our service professionals to provide clients with the market intelligence required to support practical business decisions and provide multi-level support across all property types, ranging from data collection to comprehensive market analysis.

Top questions about Research Services

Regularly published Market Reports, updated every 6 months covering all sectors and segments in Tu
Tailor Made Market Reports, prepared on your request and tailored to your specific real estate needs.

From lease rate comparisons to capitalization rate assessments, our research will provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions for your business.


Real estate markets are ever-changing dynamic systems. A lease that was competitively priced six months ago could be now overpriced or underpriced. An experienced research team can provide vital insights such as a reasonable estimate of your building’s projected lease rates, an estimated cap rate or analysis of market activity. Property owners armed with relevant data and market context are empowered to make better decisions.

Whether you’re satisfied with your existing lease or pursuing alternative options, a research team with the right market intelligence can tell you whether your current lease is competitive with current rates. If you’re in the process of planning long-term budgets, our research teams can provide a projection of future lease rates in your current building or other venues of interest.

Our expansive databases house detailed information on properties nationwide, including historical supply, demand, and absorption data, as well as transaction comparables.
From this data, our research analysts are able to produce reports in every major market in Turkey. We combine this information with forward-thinking expertise to deliver more than what is readily available in terms of market data, including custom reports based on your specific needs.
This approach helps you respond to current conditions and plan for the future

Our Featured Reports


2019 Newsletter Spring / Summer

Examination of the regional distribution of the total office stock in Istanbul shows that, in descending order of their share of the total stock, the regions with the highest levels of Class A office stock are the CBD (32%), Kozyatağı/Ataşehir (16%), Kağıthane/Cendere (15%), Ümraniye (13%) and Maslak (12%).
20191 Review ENG_738x415

Turkey Real Estate Review / 2018 Second Half

We believe that average rents for Class A offices in Istanbul’s office regions will continue to rise in TL terms, and vacancy rates will continue to decline, through to the end of 2019. We also expect the rising trend with respect to Class A office yields to be maintained.

2018 Newsletter Autumn/Winter

Taking an overview of the Class-A office market in Istanbul in the third quarter of 2018 compared to the previous quarter, we observe that the declining trend in average rents has continued. With the exception of the Kozyatağı/Ataşehir district, there has been no striking change in vacancy rates during this period.

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