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Property Finance

Make your real estate investments work smarter

Whether it’s connecting your euros with the right opportunities or introducing you to qualified buyers for your assets, Colliers has the relationships to help elevate the return on your investments.
Your Colliers expert will partner with you to determine your optimal investment strategy, whether market conditions dictate that you should buy, sell, hold or refinance. We will connect you with the people you need to know—owners, developers as well as local and institutional investors. We also ensure you have the financial instruments you may need, from private equity and pension funds to CMBS and sovereign wealth fund placements for both debt and equity.

Top questions about Property Finance

Here are the top questions you might have about Property Finance services.

  • Construction loans, permanent loans, re-financings, project finance, acquisition finance, distressed debt restructuring, participating loans, non-performing loans, credit-impaired-but-performing loans, bridge financing, financial real estate leasing transactions
  • Primary initial focus on debt with expansion over time into equity, mezzanine and other capital and transaction types.
  • Forward transactions (loans and sales)
  • Finance/restructuring/loan modification/loan vs. sales analysis
  • Private equity
  • Mezzanine debt/preferred equity
  • Development feasibility and advisory work with focus on capital raising
  • Building and maintaining relationships to secure future investment sales mandates
  • Loan management
  • Assistance with due diligence in activities as required
  • Preparation of documents in line with capital provider preferences
  • Preparation & distribution of quality presentation materials to differentiate product/scope of offered services
  • A focus on senior lenders already active in Czech & Slovak markets
  • Access to regional and European providers of debt and equity
  • Localization of new sources of capital for clients, with a focus on new sources of permanent senior debt

Colliers experts have experience in financing across the spectrum of today’s financial instruments, from private equity to CMBS. We work with hundreds of national and international capital sources to ensure you’re connected with the right financial partner. 
Our investment advisors are in the market each and every day, connecting clients to a global network of capital providers, including credit companies, pension funds and commercial banks to achieve the most beneficial terms for all stakeholders in a real estate transaction. 

We generate value and save you time by pairing you with the right people and the right opportunities. Your Colliers advisor is your partner and will navigate you through the complex landscape of investing, utilizing a dynamic set of financing instruments to simplify the buy-and-sell process and deliver success.
We love what we do and at Colliers we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. Our professionals challenge themselves to see things differently and consistently achieve outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.



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