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Workplace Solutions

Work is changing and so is the workplace

Changing organisational structures, increasing agility, multiple generations working together, new technologies. These changes ask for rethinking the way we work. Colliers International takes a holistic fact based approach to create an empowering work environment that is ready for the future. If you are considering to change your work environment, planning to review your business model, changing headcount; or if you want to increase employee engagement and become an employer of choice, Colliers International’s Workplace Solutions is here to help you make the right choices.

Core services

Your workplace is vital to the success of your company — impacting culture, recruitment and employee productivity and wellness. Our workplace consulting specialists align your company goals and culture with your physical space to create a healthy workplace culture and communicate your organizational values to your clients and the world.
Relocations and expansions provide exciting opportunities to modernize your office environment and ensure that you’re getting the best use out of each square foot. Our team utilizes the latest research, along with our field-tested set of proprietary tools and methods, to create workplace solutions that address your unique business and cultural needs.
For many companies, managing a construction or renovation project while operating a business can be an overwhelming experience. By partnering with our project management specialists, Colliers will work on your behalf through every phase of the construction life cycle from pre-planning to site evaluation to project closeout. Our experts leverage local, national and international contacts and market knowledge to procure the best vendors, equipment, design and construction to meet your project’s unique needs.
“Change" is often an inevitable and complex process. Managing this change at personal as well as organisational level often requires a structured approach within a defined framework. Various resources can make the implementation of the desired change possible. Change contributes to the success of your organisation. Our team offers complex consultancy services with the focus on compilation of company´s vision and employees´ needs.

Top questions about Workplace Solutions Services

Here are the top questions you might have about Workplace Solutions Services.


To attract and inspire top talent, many companies are taking a cue from research that highlights the importance of a vibrant workplace that prioritizes employee health and well-being. As changes naturally occur in your real estate portfolio, a comprehensive workplace design strategy can help you uncover opportunities to lower health care costs, drive productivity, increase engagement and improve recruitment. Our team of experts applies a structured process to make your workplace a welcoming, productive environment.

We have experience reducing costs and creating value in many different ways, as each client has a unique situation. Some businesses can benefit from reducing the number of locations and the amount of space occupied or shifting locations around the corner or across the globe as a part of a workforce/talent strategy. Others can create value by deploying negotiating strategies to take advantage of the market environment and other conditions, or leveraging buying power across your expenses (rent) and capital (fit-out) spend. Still others can reduce costs by recovering expense overcharges, or balancing traditional leased space needs with new opportunities that offer maximum flexibility, such as co-working and serviced office facilities. Lastly, we save some clients money through the benefits of outsourcing, offering variable resources and scalability instead of their current fixed cost model. 
We typically measure how much value we have added relative to our fees, and in many cases that can be substantial.



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