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Mestská vilka MUDROŇOVA - #1
Mestská vilka MUDROŇOVA - #2
Mestská vilka MUDROŇOVA - #3
Mestská vilka MUDROŇOVA - #4


City Villa Mudroňova is located on Mudroňova street in the vicinity of Bratislava castle as well as the city center. There are trolleybus stops for lines 203 and 207 located within walking distance away from the property. In the surroundings, there are many historical buildings situated. These are used as office premises and are currently rented by many lawyers, auditors, executors and by similar companies.


City Villa Mudroňova was built in the 1930s. It was reconstructed in 1997 and partially recostructed again in 2012. The building has 2 above ground floors, an attic as well as a cellar. There are two garages available for parking. Net rentable area is 240 m2. The building has central heating and security alarm. A plot equal to 250 m2 pertains to the property.