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City Business Center III - #1
City Business Center III - #2
City Business Center III - #3


Administrative building CBC III is located on Karadžičova street; it is close to the city center of Bratislava. It is part of an administrative zone. Other office buildings such as headquarters of VÚB bank and buildings CBC I, II, IV, V are located in the neighbourhood. Bus station Mlynské nivy, also covering international trips, is located near the building. This zone is also well covered by the means of public transport of the city, which connects this location with the city center and other city districts.


Administrative premises in the CBC III building, with gross leaseable area of 8.300 sqm, are known because of their high standard of finish. The premises are prepared indvidually for each tenant. The capacity of parking is 432 stalls in the underground and 85 exterior stalls. The building offers big scale of services and retail units, such as restaurants, coffee houses, pharmacy, banks and many other.