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Sooner or later restrictions will be softened, and we will gradually start going back to our offices, but are we ready and prepared for it? It is every company’s priority to protect its employees and to make sure they are safe, healthy, and valued in their workplace.

What measures does an employer have to take before employees can come back to their office? Now is the right time to start adapting your workplace – adjust physical layout, develop a workflow policy, and introduce new rules of using the common areas.

Our Workplace Advisory team can help you with the right planning for how to best set up your existing office to cope with the new safety and precaution measures to keep your people safe and effective. The process shall take from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the company and its office premises

Our professionals are happy to help you to ensure that coming back to the office runs safely and smoothly for you and your company.

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You can download the Slovak version in pdf via the links:

SVK Navrat do kancelarii TS

SVK Navrat do kancelarii


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Marek Maryncak

Senior Associate | Slovakia


Marek Maryncak joined Colliers in January 2019 as Senior Associate. Focusing on Project Management, Workplace Solutions and Design&Build. Marek's primary goal is to help clients find a better workplace according to current knowledge and experiences.

Marek has been working in the field of office and retail fit-outs & development projects since 2008. He participated in various projects - from big projects like development of new offices and fit-outs for T-Systems Slovakia (31000 sq m) or development project management of golf courses. As Project Manager, Marek has also been working with his clients in office, retail and housing projects in Slovakia.

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