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ExCEEding Borders Industrial & Logistics Market

Zastupovanie nájomcov kancelárske priestory

The Industrial&Logistics (I&L) property sector has risen out of the shadows over the last few years to become one of the most dynamic and strategically important sectors in our economies and the commercial real estate sector, on a global basis. The I&L sector is by no means a new kid on the block and for people outside of this industry, it may well largely go unnoticed as products and services are seemingly magically produced and appear in shops and on our doorsteps. Behind the scenes, there is of course a gigantic sector made up of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, 3PLs, distributors, storage and supply chain companies to name just a few, and they literally touch any business or industry sector that you can possibly imagine. In addition to that, there are several highly experienced, global, regional and local investors and developers that provide the lion’s share of the properties to make all this possible.

In this report, we look at how the I&L sector has developed in the geographically and macro-economically strategic region of Central&Eastern Europe (CEE). We will also touch on some of the trends facing the sector, both from a property point of view, as well as from occupier and consumer led standpoints. Together with our partners, we also providevaluable insight into important location selection decision-making criteria around labour markets, tax and incentives offered to investors considering this region.

You can download pdf via the link:

ExCEEding Borders_Industrial__Logistics_2020

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