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WEGU Slovakia s.r.o. is expanding

The supplier of components for the automotive industry has opened a new production operation at the industrial park PNK Park SEREĎ.

Bratislava, 22 January 2019 – The relocation of the company WEGU Slovakia s.r.o. to a newly built hall in the PNK Park SEREĎ with an area of 12,000 m2 will allow to increase the production capacity and to create new jobs. The premises were festively opened by Eva Falisová, Director of WEGU Slovakia s.r.o., and Azamat Yerzhanov, Partner of the PNK Group Europe.

WEGU Slovakia s.r.o., which belongs to the WEGU Holding group, is a leading manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive industry. “Our company has been operating on the Slovak market already for 11 years. Due to capacity reasons, the premises in which we have operated until now were insufficient. We therefore looked for new suitable premises”, Eva Falisová, Director of WEGU Slovakia s.r.o., explains.
The company’s requirements were best fulfilled by the PNK Group’s industrial park in Sereď. „This industrial park is placed in a location accessible for customers as well as suppliers“, Eva Falisová adds.

Major plans for the future
The operation has moved into a hall with an area of 12,000 m2, while further expansion of the production is being considered for the future. In various phases of its development, the company is planning to create 20 to 30 new jobs. In long term Slovak branch of the company produces satisfactory results. It was crutial to stay in location near the original production plant. "We are satisfied with the work of our employees, we wanted to move with them," said Martin Rosenbecker, WEGU Group Sales Manager.
In the first half of 2019, two new injection moulding machines will be commissioned into operation. In the new premises, parts such as intake systems and interconnecting plastic injection-moulded components will be made in two injection presses with a two-component technology. “Starting from 2021 and 2022, we are planning to launch the production of various rubber parts containing metal components for the automotive industry. At the same time, we have the possibility to produce large, logistically costly, products made of plastics up to the size of 3,200 tons for our customers in the near surroundings of our new operation”, Eva Falisová says about the company’s plans. 

Strategic location
The company has chosen the industrial park PNK Park SEREĎ built by the Russian developer PNK Group in the industrial zone of Sereď-South also thanks to its location. The developer sees a potential of further growth of the PNK Park SEREĎ in particular thanks to its connection to the R1 expressway, unproblematic access to Bratislava (55 km) through the D1 motorway, and a good road transport connection to Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.
Martin Tomčanyi, Mayor of Sereď encourages further development of the industrial park: "New investors secure labour in the region and also provide means for further development of the city."
PNK Park SEREĎ currently offers two halls with 45,000 m2 of industrial and logistic space with a high technical standard. It also has another 50 hectares of land, ready for further development. “The ability to attract companies like WEGU Group to our industrial park demonstrates our focus on and commitment to the European market and breaks new ground for further development of the business. Besides already leased 12 000 m2 building and completed 32 500 m2 building, PNK Park SEREĎ can offer nearly 230 000 m2 of industrial facilities on its 50 hectares of land available for further expansion”, Azamat Yerzhanov said. 
Azamat Yerzhanov also confirmed growing interest in newly-built park. ″We are in discussion with few potential tenants. We are committed to provide the highest quality premises and services, for example facility management or help with HR issues,” added. The distinctive feature of the PNK Park SEREĎ is an advanced technology of reinforced concrete frame, where the columns, the walls and even the trusses are built of a strong reinforced concrete. Above that, design of the trusses utilizes a technology, which is considered leading-edge in the European market. PNK Park SEREĎ is designed for logistics companies, light manufacturing companies as well as for e-commerce businesses. 
The potential of the location is also seen be experts in the field of industrial real estate. “The growing demand from the automotive industry sector is creating space for further development of this location. If a developer is able to react flexibly to the demand of the market, he can be successful here for a long term”, states Tomáš Horváth, Director of the Department of Industrial Premises of Colliers International, which helped to broker the lease of the production hall to WEGU Slovakia s.r.o. Collies International will also provide the management of the newly-built industrial park in Sereď for the PNK Group. 

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