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Women of Colliers

Women of Colliers


International Women´s  Day is one of the most important days for us. It give us a chance to show publicly our colleauges how we really appreciate them.

Each woman has eqaul opportunity to learn, growth and be part of our business community. They help to create our story and to achieve our success. And we are really thankful for having them.


Our colleague Diana is the great example of successful women in Colliers. Her story is amazing and we are glad that she is part of our company.  


Meet Diana

„My journey at Colliers International Slovakia started in November 2010 on Research position. I was responsible for research analysis, market reports as well as technical and design support. After seven years I started to cooperate with Valuation and Advisory team and my scope of employment became valuation and technical reports, market analysis and feasibility studies.

All of these experiences drew me forward to my current position. I have been leading Core operation team that processes analytical data. Our team is responsible for implementation of the regionally developed business tools and delivering support and training to the end users. My journey wasn´t easy, but every moment, every experience was worth it. And If I could give advice to my younger self it would be this: „Be curious and keep learning. Learn the art of saying no. It doesn´t decrease your value, because self-worth is the most valuable thing you can do.“


Diana Turanska, Team Leader of Core Operations Team, Colliers International Slovakia


Diana Turanska