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Talent Feature: Accelerating Success for Our People


At Colliers, it's not just about achieving success, it's how we do it — being passionate and going the extra mile in delivering solutions for our clients.

What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Our people are passionate, take personal responsibility and always do what’s right for and by our clients, people and communities. We check in with our four experts to hear what they have to say about their experience working at Colliers thus far:

How do you become a long-term partner and look beyond immediate needs to build and grow our clients’ business?


LingWei Kong, Director, Capital Markets and Investment Services: Coming from an all-engineers family and a science-focused student before university, it was an eye-opener when I get to know real estate. “It is a combination of both arts and sciences” my lecturer used to say. Unlike engineering, not everything can be quantified or optimised.

Most business challenges present themselves as trade-offs or dilemmas accompanied by incomplete information. Success in property investment is not only about the price point; it is a combination of a deep understanding of the investor’s strategy, aspirations, and deep understanding of the asset and its performance. It is about guiding them through the process and accelerate their success.


"(Real estate) is a combination of both arts and sciences."


How do you build teams with the right expertise, market experience and connections to deliver the right solution? 


Bastiaan Van Beijsterveldt, Executive Director, Occupier Services: When forming a market-leading team, one of the main pillars of success, in my opinion, is diversity. It is important to have a group of focused, enthusiastic people from all parts of the industry.

An open dialogue amongst team members with an open culture of sharing information and feedback will ensure that all market knowledge and experience are transferred and shared. This way, the team does not have a top-down approach, but an open structure whereby all members can learn from each other and everybody contributes significantly from their own field of expertise whilst developing oneself.


"It is important to have a group of focused, enthusiastic people from all parts of the industry."


How do you embrace change and think differently to generate new and better solutions for our clients?


Stephen Bruce, Executive Director & Head, Real Estate Management Services: We strive to look at any situation from both a micro and macro perspective and play out as many scenarios as possible. From this perspective, we can be well placed to ensure our proposed solution can work and our people have the tools and skills needed to deliver our promise.

At Colliers, we actively encourage our people to think outside the box and step out of their comfort zone. We have open dialogues with our experts across the business – this allows us to see the problem for all angles. New concepts do not come from isolation, but collaboration.

We encourage proactivity, and we train our people to identify potential issues and solve them before they even happen. Our adage is ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. 


"New concepts do not come from isolation, but collaboration."


How do you lead the way and ensure you are at the forefront of the real estate industry?


Keng Chiam Tan, Executive Director & Head, Valuation and Advisory Services: Ensuring we stay at the forefront of the real estate industry requires us first to understand the market dynamics well enough to see the opportunities and most importantly, we must keep our finger on the pulse.

We can only lead the way if an excellent track record backs us. We are building for our future – and that of our clients provide insights, innovative solutions or strategies that will capitalise on the opportunities available to our stakeholders.


"We are building for our future – and that of our clients provide insights, innovative solutions or strategies that will capitalise on the opportunities available to our stakeholders."


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Bastiaan VB

Managing Director | Singapore

MD's Office


Bastiaan is the Managing Director for Colliers in Singapore. His responsibilities include the strategic direction of the Singapore office, to lead the growth and diversification initiatives, ensure superior service delivery and develop market leading teams. He oversees all business lines including Capital Markets, Investment Sales, Occupier Services, Valuations & Advisory, Industrial Services, Hotel Advisory, Research, as well as Marketing & Communications and the Human Resources and Finance Teams.

Pertinent to this assignment Bastiaan was the Head of Occupier Services in Singapore and has led complex transaction projects for diverse global multinationals and investors throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region.

In Asia - Pacific, Bastiaan lived and worked in; Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia.

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KengChiam Tan

Executive Director & Head

Valuation & Advisory Services


Keng Chiam has been in the valuation and advisory practice that span over 30 years. He has vast experience providing quality advice to clients of important real estate activities ranging from acquisition and disposal, merger and acquisitions, feasibility studies, etc. He had acted as an expert for clients in contentious, high-profile dispute resolution cases.

He is currently leading the valuation and advisory services, hotel and leisure and the consultancy divisions within Colliers. In addition, he will be setting up the business valuation within the firm to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of advisory services.

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