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Meet our Experts | Tan Keng Chiam, Head of Valuation & Advisory Services for Singapore

An expert guided by ethics to deliver objective opinions. Experts choose experts like Keng Chiam.

A seasoned valuation professional, Tan Keng Chiam heads up the Valuation & Advisory Services business in Singapore, bringing immense passion, talent and leadership to his work. He believes that valuers have the responsibility to provide evidence of facts, carry out analysis and interpret them to form a rational conclusion so as to provide objective advice to clients and accelerate their success.

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What was your first job?

I graduated from the National University of Singapore, School of Building and Estate Management where we were trained to be real estate professionals. Upon graduation, I took on my first job as a valuer cum assistant project manager with a local real estate consultancy firm. The job was interesting, as I was exposed to the insights and works of the industry as a valuer and assistant project manager.

What was your first impression about the valuation industry?

Valuation is an abstract profession dealing with values / numbers. Putting a value using market data is easy, but rationalising the value is not.

It intrigued me that determining the value of a real estate asset requires us to have a good understanding on a wide array of subjects such as real estate law, urban planning, urban economics, building technology, finance, land surveying, quantity surveying, market dynamics, social sciences and public policies that are affecting it. Besides the economic impact, real estate values also have other social and political implications.


"For every piece of work I do, I have to carry them out professionally."

Tan Keng Chiam
Executive Director & Head | Singapore
Valuation & Advisory Services


How are you accelerating success for our clients?

I take professionalism seriously and that entails practicing ethically and always providing clients with the best advice. In our line of work, one must be consistent and credible to earn the trust of the client and be seen as a professional as well as a reliable adviser.

The value I bring to my clients is providing objective opinions that are useful to them, regardless of it being in or against their favour. It is our duty to alert them of their blind spots which they need to manage, as the financial impact could be huge.

What is your most memorable success at work?

I get immense satisfaction providing my expert advice in high stake legal disputes. The work is complex and challenging. We need to be mindful of our duty to the court and to provide an independent, rational, and concise explanation to assist the judges in making a fair judgement. I am glad that I can share my expert knowledge to assist the courts in their judgement.

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Participating in Colliers Singapore's Bowling & Darts competition

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I enjoy reading and listening to music. Reading enriches the mind whereas listening to music calms the mind. It is an activity that can take place concurrently to relief the daily grind.

What is your work motto?

For every piece of work I do, I have to carry them out professionally!


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