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Condominium Owners' Rights and Obligations

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With the rise in interest in the residential property market, Colliers' expert Voo Kow-Tze explore the rights and obligations of condominium owners on CNA 93.8.

Voo Kow-Tze, Senior Director of Operations, Real Estate Management Services at Colliers, has been invited to talk about Condominium Owners' rights and obligations with Susan Ng and Peh Fen Ning from Open House on CNA 93.8

In this podcast, Voo gives some insights into what an MCST is, its purpose, how it is formed, and condominium owners' rights and obligations. 

Listen to this 19-minute podcast below. Some key highlights:

  • The fundamentals - MCST refers to the managing body of a strata-titled property such as condominiums or any development with several owners and shared common facilities.

  • The need for by-laws - There are different types of by-laws regulating the control, use, and enjoyment of the common property in a strata title development and the role of owners and residents in passing by-laws.

  • Dispute resolution  -  Common conflicts and the use of by-laws between owners, residents, and condominium management to resolve them.

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Kow-Tze Voo

Senior Director, Operations

Real Estate Management Services


Voo has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He has been overseeing the Strata Management Business Line in Real Estate Management Services which comprise of more than 70 developments, which spans across commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-developments asset types. 

Voo is currently the Head of Operations, looking after the entire operation of all the various Business Lines in Real Estate Management Services. He leads the various Business Lines together with their leaders, associate directors and team managers, including approximately 150 on-site managers, executives, officers, administrative and technical staff who handle the daily site operations.

Voo ensures contractual obligation with the clients is met by his operation teams. He ensures his operation teams liaise with auditors, solicitors and relevant authorities on all matters pertaining to the respective estate’s management councils. In addition to overseeing the smooth operations of the estates, he also ensures that proper corrective measures and preventive maintenance are implemented for all installations and facilities. 

When asked what motivates him in his work, he mentions that, "Strata Management is never a bed of roses, and it needs a lot of resilience. However, seeing the clients' satisfaction whenever my team manages to handle a challenging situation gives me a great sense of achievement." What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Voo is a passionate leader and takes personal responsibility to help accelerate the success for our clients. 

Voo is both a certified fire safety manager and a certified green mark manager.


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