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Talent in the spotlight | Real Estate Management Services


We don’t just see an enterprising culture, we see experts who are leading our industry into the future.

With best-in-class advisors managing the ever-changing needs of our clients' properties and maximising value and tenant retention, Colliers Real Estate Management Services team comprises highly skilled local experts with strong backgrounds in specific asset types.  

The team gathers data from hundreds of similar properties — locally and internationally — to provide forward-looking advice on various issues such as sustainability, building management and property improvements that can yield long-term savings. 

Let's take a look at some of the roles currently available, big and small, that make a difference and lead our industry into the future. 

Senior/Property Manager – While overseeing a team of property management experts, the manager's primary duty is to manage our client's assets at a portfolio level. These properties could be commercial, residential, or industrial assets. 

Assistant Property Manager - The role of an assistant property manager is to collaborate closely with the Property Manager in the provision and delivery of high-quality services to the commercial, residential, or industrial properties' clients. 

Commercial Manager – An expert in contracts risk, the commercial manager ensures the profitability of all real estate management projects, cost budgeting, forecasting, and ISO management. 

Sustainability Manager – A sustainability manager collaborates with clients to craft and oversee their sustainability strategy and site-specific plans and coordinates within Colliers and clients' regional team for timely sustainability reporting. This individual is playing a crucial part in introducing innovative technologies that will ultimately positively impact operations. 

Technicians – Our technicians are the unsung heroes as they provide technical and handyman services to several different projects. They assist in the delivery of works with a high level of professionalism and service delivery. 

Centre/Building Manager – A Centre/Building Manager provides on-site guidance and delivery of property management services. Liasing with clients, head office, contractors, tenants and other victors, this role is the key to ensure smooth daily operations.  A critical function, this function requires attention to detail for careful management and reporting of budgets, communication plans, asset enhancement initiatives and general staff management. 

Senior / Property Executive – Invested in client's relationships, a property executive  can oversee an account of multiple clients or multiple assets and other matters relating to the operration of the account. A Property Executive would report into a Centre Manager or a Team Manager depending on the appointment. 

Property Officer – This is the entry level personnel working closing with onsite staff to ensure consistency of the property services. A property officer's role is to support the on-site team on providing excellence in services delivery. 

At Colliers, what sets us apart is not what we do but how we do it. We enable our people to do their best work every day, collaborating with other global experts to maximise every opportunity and lead our industry into the future. We attract and develop industry leaders, empowering them to think and act differently to drive exceptional results.  

We don’t just see an enterprising culture, we see experts who are leading our industry into the future, connect with our careers team today.  

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Related Experts

Stephen Bruce

Executive Director & Head

Real Estate Management Services


As Head of REMS Singapore my role is to develop and drive the REMS business and team for wider success. My passion in real estate started young with a focus on asset management and later into consultancy. I have over 17 years of experience working for an on behalf of landlords throughout the Asia region. I have worked closely across portfolio landlords and single-strata landlords alike. A core focus has been how to improve the productivity, efficiency and service delivery for assets to ensure we can acheive the best possible outcome.

I have worked across several disciplines across real estate - a focus has been on asset management and property management for and behalf of Landlords. A great passion is how we can alter the industry towards adoption of ESG policies, methods and deliverables in tandem with management operations. With new technology now a major focus in real estate, the industry has become more exciting than ever before.”

I am a passionate believer of real collaboration and encourage cross department learning as much as possible. A win for one team should always create a strong and positive opportunity for another.

As a father of 2 young girls I am constantly on the look-out for new and exciting adventures to expose them to. A keen tennis and hockey player, I can often be found hitting a ball somewhere.

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Kow-Tze Voo

Senior Director, Operations

Real Estate Management Services


Voo has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He has been overseeing the Strata Management Business Line in Real Estate Management Services which comprise of more than 70 developments, which spans across commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-developments asset types. 

Voo is currently the Head of Operations, looking after the entire operation of all the various Business Lines in Real Estate Management Services. He leads the various Business Lines together with their leaders, associate directors and team managers, including approximately 150 on-site managers, executives, officers, administrative and technical staff who handle the daily site operations.

Voo ensures contractual obligation with the clients is met by his operation teams. He ensures his operation teams liaise with auditors, solicitors and relevant authorities on all matters pertaining to the respective estate’s management councils. In addition to overseeing the smooth operations of the estates, he also ensures that proper corrective measures and preventive maintenance are implemented for all installations and facilities. 

When asked what motivates him in his work, he mentions that, "Strata Management is never a bed of roses, and it needs a lot of resilience. However, seeing the clients' satisfaction whenever my team manages to handle a challenging situation gives me a great sense of achievement." What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Voo is a passionate leader and takes personal responsibility to help accelerate the success for our clients. 

Voo is both a certified fire safety manager and a certified green mark manager.


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