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Expert Spotlight: LingWei Kong, Director of Capital Markets and Investment Services

Colliers REview Singapore blog - Expert Spotlight - LingWei Kong Capital Markets and Investment Services

Strategic knowledge, diversification and a touch of optimism is LingWei's recipe for success.

Relocating back to Singapore to capitalise on the market and region's rapid growth was a strategic move for LingWei. With vast commercial real estate experience across regions, she is empowered to elevate her clients' investment decisions and success.


Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you come to join Colliers International?

I started my real estate career as a Management Trainee in Singapore 13 years ago, after I graduated from the National University of Singapore. As part of a global talent exchange program, I relocated to Paris and subsequently London from 2011 to 2013. Along the way, I gained tremendous experience working with occupiers across all European markets.

I then decided it was time to move back to Singapore as it was – and still is – the fastest-growing region and ventured on to the investors’ side. Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to join the Colliers Capital Markets and Investment Services team. My new role allows me to have a greater focus on the Singapore market and to collaborate with the entire business.


"I find it most fulfilling to work with investors and bridging their business needs... I am empowered to help them understand [the Singapore] market better and make the best business decisions."


Q: Tell us a bit more about your current role with Colliers. What do you find most fulfilling about it? 

As the Director of Business Development for the Capital Markets business, I am responsible for strengthening existing relationships and growing new ones with lead investors based in Singapore. Working closely with the wider Capital Markets and Investment services team, I provide solutions for their investment and divestment requirements in Singapore, as well as across Asia-Pacific.

I find it most fulfilling to work with investors and bridging their business needs. Born in China, but educated and now living in Singapore, I find it very satisfying to advise investors coming to Singapore. Leveraging on my culture and professional background, I am empowered to help them understand this market better and make the best business decisions.

Similarly, it is always a pleasure to work with locals who are interested in diversifying their investment overseas, working with the Colliers team globally, and helping these navigate through different markets and achieve their goals.


"Strategic investments that have robust potential – like those that are in line with government plans – are always a good option. There is a window of opportunity available for those who are forward-thinking."


Q: Based on your experience and the daily conversations you have with investors, what are your top three tips for them to approach investments and to accelerate their success?

As I have worked on both the occupiers' and investors' sides across Europe and Asia, it's very interesting to see the markets shifting drastically from one day to another, especially during special times like The Global Financial Crisis and like now with COVID-19.

Here are my top 3 tips:

  • Know your market fundamentals. We have a lot of property data from the previous major crises showing many buyers holding their investments back during times of uncertainty. What we also know is that investors who know their markets well were able to invest at the right time and pick up good value deals during those uncertain times.

    Singapore is a very stable market with strong fundamentals for international investors. Strategic investments that have robust potential – like those that are in line with government plans – are always a good option. There is a window of opportunity available for those who are forward-thinking.

  • Diversification helps. Diversification across markets and segments will help mitigate risks. Diversified exposure across commercial, industrial, retail, logistics, residential, and infrastructure sub-sectors should help to cushion a real estate investment portfolio.

    The hotel, retail and residential sectors, largely driven by tourism, have experienced a significant slowdown but they also present long-term potential. E-commerce retailers (a major driver for logistics and warehousing) are relatively less affected as they are likely to benefit from shoppers who prefer to buy from the safety of their homes.

  • This too shall pass, eventually! Just like past crises, this will pass eventually – and the market will pick up again! As governments globally continue to step in with both monetary and financial support for the real estate sector, tenants and citizens, it is hard to determine what the long-term influence of COVID-19 will be on the global economy. We are seeing opportunities emerging in selective markets, especially for investors with a medium-term investment horizon.


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