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Meet Our Experts: Juvena Lim, Director, Valuation and Advisory Services

Juvena Lim, Colliers Expert, Valuations

Meet Juvena Lim, Director for Valuation & Advisory Services, who has worked for Colliers throughout most of her career.

How long have you been in the real estate industry, and how did you come to join Colliers?

 I started my career with Colliers in 2003, and it has been a privilege to witness its growth - expanding its international footprint. The energy here has consistently been very vibrant, lively and positive. I left Colliers last year for another real estate consultancy firm. Despite the short stint, it was a good learning experience, and I am happy to bring back what I have learnt. Colliers is a dynamic and fast-growing company, and I look forward to accelerating my success. 

Tell us about your current role with Colliers. What do you find most fulfilling about it?

I do valuation of primarily residential properties for financing purposes. My role also includes fostering existing client relationships and cultivating business opportunities for the company.

"The most fulfilling part of the job is getting support from the clients. It is a testament to our hard work, which stems from the years of relationship we have built and our best effort in maintaining it." 


What is the biggest piece of advice you would like to give your clients? 

 Buy a property within your affordability. Overpaying is not taboo if you can afford it! No one is able to time the market perfectly, but if you need to know if the price is fair and reasonable, I am just a phone call away.  

How do you think the pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the Valuation business, and how?

The work from home scheme arising from the pandemic had consequently stirred up homeowners to re-evaluate and prioritise their requirements to allow for a more conducive workspace balance. To top this off, the current low-interest rates environment makes purchasing a home more affordable. Homeowners with existing mortgages have also turned to refinance their mortgages. Such vibrancy in the property market has driven the mortgage business and accelerated the demand for our valuation expertise. 


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Juvena Lim


Valuation & Advisory


Juvena started her career with Colliers and has over 15 years of real estate valuation experience in the Singapore property market both in the private and public sector.

Possessing a licence with the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS), she provides valuation advisory services which involve carrying out inspections, preparing and ensuring a good standard level of accuracy and quality of valuation of reports of residential (public and private) properties, land, industrial properties, commercial properties for the purposes of mortgage, sale, purchase, insurance, estate duty, stamp duty, listing and compulsory acquisition.

Her scope also includes fostering existing client relationships and cultivating business opportunities for the Company. Her key clients are mainly banks and independent financial instituitions such as Citibank N.A., Credit Suisse AG, DBS Bank Limited, Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation, Sing Investments & Finance Limited, Standard Chartered Bank and UBS AG, just to name a few.

She is a self-driven individual and has a robust relationship with her team mates and clients.  

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