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Expert Spotlight: Jannet Ann, Associate Director, Real Estate Services Management

Colliers REview Singapore blog - ESS expert spotlight jannet ann

Fixing problems, devising creative solutions and making sure properties are managed well are all part and parcel of Jannet’s job. She has been with Colliers for 10 years, and looks forward to more opportunities to grow with the firm.

Watch as Colliers REview joins Jannet on a routine day at work, and she shares what is fulfilling about her role.




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Jannet Ann

Associate Director, Head of Strata, Residences

Real Estate Management Services


I have approximately 13 years of work experience in real estate and facility management services.

I support the Director of Real Estate Management Services to oversee the strata-development portfolio which spans across commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-developments asset types.

During the years in property management, I had acquired my skills from being a site Property Officer and worked my way up to becoming an Associate Director. I am in charge of 2 Team Managers and HQ executives from different business units, including a team of approximately 50 on-site property managers, executives, officers, administrative and technical staff who handle the daily site operations.

I am involved in management and overall supervision of all staff deployed and managing the feedback, support and supervision on the  customer services to the client.While ensuring the smooth operations of the estate, preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance, I am also involved in the ISO auditing within the organization.

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