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Meet Our Experts: Why Colliers has been an enterprising move for Agnes Heu and she’s loving it

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More than 28 years in the real estate industry, Agnes Heu joined Colliers in May this year as Director of Office Services for Singapore. Find out what drives her continued passion for what she excels in and the reason she takes pride in mentoring young industry talent.

Gregarious and bubbly, that may be the first impression anyone would have of Agnes.

Started out as a real estate analyst, Agnes soon realised that she did not want to be just working with charts and figures every day but needed more on-the-ground experience to gain a fuller understanding of the industry to discover her métier.

“I really enjoy talking to people and can’t just sit with my computer all day long and be a number-cruncher. Being a young and aspiring professional in the real estate industry, I decided that I should explore the different areas of the industry to carve an all-rounded career for myself to serve my clients better,” says Agnes.

She then found herself in a real estate agent role with Chesterton International, where she fully capitalised on her excellent people skills and industry knowledge to win over clients from all walks of life, as she gleaned deeper insights into the industry and gained a stronger footing in her career.

“I like to pitch and win, and get our clients’ buy-in, while seeing that their requirements are fulfilled! That really motivates me at work.”

Before joining Colliers, Agnes spent 13 years at Savills and discovered her current forte – Office Services. She brings her wealth of experience to the Office Services team at Colliers in Singapore, which assists clients in office lease renewals, relocation, as well as the restructuring of their office spaces.

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Why Colliers? 

 So, what made Agnes decide to join Colliers?

“I felt that I have the experience and expertise to play an integral role in building the team at Colliers,” Agnes opines, adding that she enjoys creating new things and witnessing changes, and says in half-jest that she is always “restless like a kid”.

The enterprising and collaborative culture at Colliers was also a draw for Agnes. She remarks: “It is really heartening to find myself in a team that constantly welcomes new challenges and collaborates so closely to drive exceptional results for our clients! I’m also glad that our leaders are very understanding, and we are always adjusting to each other’s style of working!” 

“I felt that I have the experience and expertise to play an integral role in building the team at Colliers.”


Staying motivated and guiding young industry talent

It is interesting to see Agnes wax lyrical about her passion for what she thrives on and hard to find yourself not impressed by the effusiveness.

“I like to pitch and win, and get our clients’ buy-in, while seeing that their requirements are fulfilled! That really motivates me at work,” she says.

But business is not all that Agnes is passionate about. The industry veteran is also excited about mentoring budding industry talent, whom she believes will be vital to the future growth of our industry. She believes in guiding the younger members in her team and keeping them motivated, so that the entire team will be able to grow together with their clients.

Key trend to look out for in the Office Services space

In the current state of the world, which has accelerated the evolution of work and workplaces, Agnes believes that it will be critical for employers to strike a balance between the expectations of their people and their business.

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She says: “In this environment, it is important for organisations to marry the needs and aspirations of their people with those of their business, in order to achieve the best outcomes for future business success. Physical office spaces are definitely still important, as people can interact with each other to spin off great ideas and foster camaraderie in person, and managing a hybrid workforce is a challenge every leader will have to surmount in the foreseeable future.”

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Agnes Heu


Office Services


Agnes has more than 20 years of commercial real estate experience, with expertise in providing strategic advisory services to office occupiers in real estate planning, portfolio management, lease acquisition, restructuring, renewals and disposition. Prior to joining Colliers, she had worked for another global real estate consultancy where she focused on commercial leasing.

 In addition to a wealth of experience in providing strategic advisory and managing large-scale transactions for various corporate occupier clients, including Fortune 500 companies, Agnes has also worked with a handful of boutique funds, each with unique requirements and specific office needs. She is a passionate real estate expert with a successful track record that demonstrates her dedication to the industry.  Agnes hopes that her enterprising spirit and industry expertise will allow Colliers to accelerate the success of her clients.

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