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Colliers Singapore celebrates International Women's Day 2022


This year, we invite some of our female leaders in Singapore to share how we can collectively #BreakTheBias.


International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year, we have invited some of our top female leaders at Colliers Singapore to share how we can collectively #BreakTheBias, which is also the campaign theme for #IWD2022.

At Colliers, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are fundamental to our culture which accelerates the success of our people. In Singapore, we are pleased to share some fascinating statistics on how we have demonstrated our ongoing pledge to remove gender bias in our search for talent. 

  1. 50% of our current employee population is made up of women
  2. We have hired 50% more female employees for leadership roles in 2021 compared to 2020
  3. In 2021, we saw female promotions (54.2%) exceeding male promotions 

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Meet Our Experts


WeiLeng Tang
Managing Director | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by being an inclusive leader to actively support and advance gender equality and inclusion across all operational and business functions in Colliers.

My style of leadership is to lead by example and influence my leaders to empower their people. I firmly believe that gender does not determine ability and at Colliers, I am proud to be in such a diverse and inclusive work environment.

As a co-chair at Urban Land Institute's Women’s Leadership Initiative steering committee, I act as a Champion of Change to proactively drive gender equality in the workplace.



Tridiana Ong
Executive Director | Office Services | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by recognising and challenging gender stereotypes. 

In my 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, I have personally been fortunate to mostly work in organisations with women in senior management or leadership positions. It heartens me to see women all over the world take on various leadership positions in society. I hope to continually challenge gender stereotypes, and build on the great work done by those before us. 




Chloe Teo
Head | Enterprise Clients, Occupier Services | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by speaking up and recommending the great women I work with.

I am celebrating my 17 years of experience working at Colliers this year. Working my way up in the firm has been very encouraging as I was given many opportunities to grow in the Corporate Solutions team. Leading my own team now, I want to also empower my team to make decisions independently and give credit when it is due. At Colliers, we celebrate the successes of women and the inclusive environment makes it a great place to build your career. 


Claudia Chee
Associate Director | Enterprise Market Solutions, Occupier Services | Asia

I will #breakthebias by ensuring women receive the credit they deserve for their work and contributions. 

I joined Colliers back in 2011 as a fresh graduate from National University of Singapore, and I have never looked back since! Every day, I am inspired by the successful women around me. Being part of a team that celebrates the achievements of its men and women motivates me to drive exceptional results, and I want to positively influence others around me to do the same.




Catherine He
Director & Head | Research | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by ensuring women are heard and given equal opportunities.

The real estate industry is dynamic and fast-paced. I practise an analytical mind to provide recommendations to industry peers in my role. In collaborating with my fellow experts, I actively advocate for an inclusive workplace where everyone's opinions are heard, and where there are no stereotypes or biases.


Glynis Poh
Associate Director | Facilities Management | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by encouraging my fellow female co-workers to find their voices in the workplace.

Speaking up can be daunting, especially in my line of work, where it is male-dominated. I practise equality by creating safe spaces during discussions for everyone to share their perspectives regardless of their gender, age, or job functions. By doing so, I have noticed an increase in participation and confidence in co-workers when it comes to finding their voices. This has boosted their personal and professional development and greatly elevated the department's productivity.




Jaya Singh
Senior Director | People & Performance | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by advocating for a more inclusive industry.

To build an inclusive workplace, I will ensure there are no unconscious biases during the hiring process, as well as promote and give equal opportunities in developing our talents. My professional vision is to build a workplace culture where everyone is seen as equal players and contributors irrespective of race, gender or nationality. I also aspire to build a team with diverse backgrounds to produce varied ideas to accelerate the success of our clients and our people.


SuEe Pang
Director | Valuation & Advisory Services | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by challenging gender stereotypes. 

In my role as a valuation and advisory expert, I am sometimes confronted with gender stereotypes biasness. I enjoy breaking down those barriers and demonstrating my capabilities through my accomplishments. The work will speak for itself and eventually, we hope to be one step closer to a gender-neutral society in the future. 




Fony Tasani
Director | Finance | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by listening openly and equally to everyone.

In my line of work, I collaborate with various business lines to accelerate the success of our clients and people. By practising active listening, I ensure that everyone's opinions are heard to come up with the best solutions. I feel privileged to work alongside my team, who are coincidentally all women, in a diverse environment where women's successes are celebrated. 



Agnes Heu
Director | Tenant Representation | Singapore

I choose to #breakthebias by giving equal opportunities to all.

I am passionate about mentoring budding industry talent, which I believe will be vital to the growth of the Commercial Real Estate industry. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn from one another, and that makes me feel fortunate to be in a work environment where we are happy to share our expertise and experience regardless of gender.




Jade Lim
Associate Director | Tenant Representation | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by empowering and mentoring the next generation of Commercial Real Estate leaders.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is a fast-changing industry, and there is no better time than now to help each other grow and empower women to be on equal playing field. Wanting to make a difference, I signed up to be a mentor on Mentor Connect 2.0 to help share my experience with the next generation of CRE leaders. During this experience, I invested in my relationship with my mentee to deliver enduring value that will empower her to achieve her goals in the future. 



Juvena Lim
Director | Valuation & Advisory Services | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by practising inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. 

Working in a diverse team has allowed me to see things from different perspectives. I have worked for Colliers for most of my career and the inclusive environment here has inspired me to practise the same attitude to others in the team. I look forward to cultivating a healthy work culture where everyone can be treated equally regardless of race, religion or gender. 




Jannet Ann
Associate Director | Real Estate Management Services | Singapore

I will #breakthebias by recognising and celebrating women breadwinners.

I joined Colliers back in 2008 and after all these years, it feels like a family whenever I come to work. It makes me happy to create an inclusive work environment where women are not limited by their gender roles, but celebrated for breaking gender stereotypes. I lead my team by ensuring women's voices are heard especially in a male-dominated industry, and continuously motivate others to be confident in their abilities.  




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