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Real Estate Market Outlook: How New Ways of Working are Reshaping the Singapore Office Market

Colliers REview Singapore blog - Real estate market outlook new ways of working reshaping Singapore office market

COVID-19 had accelerated trends that are reshaping the workplace and are presenting new opportunities for businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has – for better, or worse – altered and challenged the definition of how we, as a workforce, interact, socialise and collaborate.

In 2020, flexible workspace grew to be more than a buzzword and a space with the bells and whistles of a modern office. The adoption of flexible working practices accelerated, as workplaces everywhere implemented social distancing and safe management measures. Working from home (WFH) became a norm, and as more new ways of working were embraced, sentiments towards a physical office space gradually shifted as companies re-evaluated its relevance in the current working climate.

But does this spell the end of the physical office? In this Real Estate Market Outlook, Capital Markets and Investments Services expert Ling Wei Kong (LW) sat down with Managing Director WeiLeng Tang (WL) and Head of Research Tricia Song (TS) to discuss the Singapore Office Market and why the demand for office space is still here to stay.


"Certainly, COVID-19 has accelerated trends that are reshaping the workplace and are presenting new opportunities for businesses."


LW: With WFH still recommended by default for most of the workforce, do you foresee the demand for traditional offices to decline in the longer-term? 

WL:  The office is still relevant and is here to stay as it remains an anchor for collaboration and promotion of corporate culture.

There is a need to separate work life and family life for our mental well-being. While many businesses have embraced digital transformation and technology at a greater speed in 2020, people want to go back to the office.

The concept of WFH is well-liked and received, however, having teams to work remotely and separately may inhibit building a strong culture. New joiners would find it harder to integrate into the team.

As human beings, we need interactions to stimulate our minds and creativity.


Moving forward, what are the factors that will drive the office market demand?

WL:The economic outlook remains uncertain and many firms are still undecided on their space requirement. Occupiers are unlikely to make significant commitments until they see more clarity on the situation.


"Flexible workspace offers a great solution in bridging the gap between the demand for more space (with safe distancing) and the separation of work from home."


The advantage of the flexible working experiment is that it has demonstrated that most employees can do their jobs remotely, and a flexible workspace offers a great solution in bridging the gap between the demand for more space (with safe distancing) and the separation of work from home.

Certainly, COVID-19 has accelerated trends that are reshaping the workplace and are presenting new opportunities for businesses. We forecast a continued increase in demand for flexible workspace in Singapore, as corporates seek shorter-term commitments.

Colliers REview Singapore blog - Singapore central business district

While rents in the Singapore CBD are higher than the city fringe, occupiers would still be willing to pay for what the location offers 

Singapore is also one of the top locations for Tech Occupiers in Asia – with a great talent pool, a very stable government and world-class infrastructure.

With a tech industry worth over US$60 billion – the highest in Southeast Asia – there’s no surprise that tech giants have come and will continue to set up bases in Singapore.

WL: The Central Business District (CBD) will also remain relevant for businesses as it is the concentration zone for all the buzz and fast-paced activities.

Although rents in the CBD are about 23% higher than in the city fringe, CBD occupiers would still be willing to pay higher rents for what the location offers, even if they take up a smaller footprint.



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