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Zhengyi Chew | Colliers | Singapore

Zhengyi Chew

Assistant Manager | Asia

Information & Technology

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Professional Summary

I am a security analyst under the regional IT that helps oversee the organization's cyber security aspect. As a person who loves technology as much as the rest, it is necessary to be aware of the double-edged sword in technology and handle it with care to wield it perfectly. Keeping Colliers aligned with security best practices and standards is an utmost priority to give the clients confidence when dealing with us.

I work closely with the security operation center(SOC) to manage threats/incidents and improve the security posture in the Asia region. In addition to that, I also collaborate with the other regional security team from time to time to share ideas and problems to overcome the challenges faced in Colliers.


Improving internal process to embed security culture and mindset within our people.


Murdoch University, Bachelor Degree in Cyber Forensic, Information Security & Management and Business Information Systems.

Memberships & Involvements


EC Council- CHFI

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