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Property Insights Podcast

Welcome to our podcast series where Colliers Experts comment on the latest real estate news and provide their advice on how to maximise the potential of property.

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This podcast series by Colliers Singapore will bring you the latest real estate insights and expert recommendations. Our expert advice to property occupiers, owners and investors leads the industry into the future.

We are also available on Spotify and Google Podcasts, follow our channels to receive the latest updates.


Latest Blog Articles

Dec 8, 2021

ESG Expert Series: More than 70% of Green Mark office buildings in Singapore to see a fall in ratings

Find out how the Green Mark certification scheme has changed and how your office building can still retain that green tick.
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Sep 22, 2021

Why real estate asset management matters

Beyond property management, real estate asset managers grow the value of your real estate assets and keep a constant eye on opportunities for you.
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Aug 24, 2021

Flexible Workplace | The value for property owners

Most major property owners would now understand the value of providing flexible workspace to tenants in their office buildings, what should they consider when integrating flex into their portfolio?
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Aug 17, 2021

Flexible Workplace | Watch this space

Join Patrick Gidney as he shares his experience in the Flexible Workspace sector and why this could be an interesting space to watch out for.
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Aug 11, 2021

Property Insights Podcast: Flexible workspace in focus

Our Colliers Experts discuss and update us on the flexible workspace sector, its 2021 outlook and potential growth. See what could be!
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Jul 14, 2021

Property Insights Podcast: Office market - turning around

Our Colliers Experts discuss and give us their update on the Singapore office market, its 2021 outlook and prospects. See what could be!
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