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Expert Spotlight

Get to know our experts as we put them in focus, and tap on their broad knowledge on the real estate industry.

Mar 8, 2022

Colliers Singapore celebrates International Women's Day 2022

This year, we invite some of our female leaders in Singapore to share how we can collectively #BreakTheBias.
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Feb 17, 2022

Meet Our Experts: Greg Condon – an enterprising valuer who wanders the world on the job

A real estate consultant with more than 15 years of industry experience, specialising in the area of hotels and leisure, Greg tells us why he loves his job and why Colliers is the place to be in the new chapter of his career.
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Jan 20, 2022

Meet Our Experts: Power in Empowerment

Read our first instalment of our new Meet the Expert leadership series, 'Power in Empowerment', featuring WeiLeng Tang, Managing Director of Colliers in Singapore.
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Jan 6, 2022

Meet Our Experts: Anson Lim reveals why active listening is a powerful skill that's also his strategy for business success

Anson Lim’s real estate career path of almost 30 years is nothing short of a kaleidoscope of experiences. Find out why active listening has helped him achieve success in his career and how real estate unexpectedly became his métier.
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Dec 9, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Chris White’s quite the done-it-all real estate veteran with a “can-do” attitude

With a career of more than 25 years, Chris White is a real estate expert with a vast and diverse experience. Find out why he describes himself as someone with a “can-do” attitude and how that has translated into achievements both at work and in his personal life.
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Nov 18, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Why Colliers has been an enterprising move for Agnes Heu and she’s loving it

More than 28 years in the real estate industry, Agnes Heu joined Colliers in May this year as Director of Office Services for Singapore. Find out what drives her continued passion for what she excels in and the reason she takes pride in mentoring young industry talent.
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Aug 6, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Tridiana Ong, Executive Director, Tenant Representation

Meet Tridiana Ong, Executive Director for Tenant Representation, who has an excellent track record in providing strategic transaction advisory services to various corporate occupier clients, including Fortune 500 companies.
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Jul 30, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Patrick Gidney, Senior Director, Occupier Services

Patrick Gidney, Senior Director for Occupier Services is tasked with growing Colliers’ Occupier Services business in Singapore. 
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Jul 22, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Juvena Lim, Director, Valuation and Advisory Services

Meet Juvena Lim, Director for Valuation & Advisory Services, who has worked for Colliers throughout most of her career.
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Jul 5, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Noel Loh, Associate Director, Asset Management in Real Estate Management Services

Recently promoted to Associate Director, Noel Loh collaborates very closely with Stephen Bruce, leading the Asset Management business within the Real Estate Management Services team.
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Jun 16, 2021

Talent in the spotlight | Real Estate Management Services

We don’t just see an enterprising culture, we see experts who are leading our industry into the future.
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Jun 9, 2021

Meet Our Experts: June Chua, Executive Director, Occupier Services

Leading the Office Services team at Colliers, June Chua, Executive Director’s main focus is to drive tenant and landlord space requirements in office leasing.
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Jun 2, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Voo Kow-Tze | Operations in Real Estate Management Services

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Voo Kow-Tze's expertise has evolved significantly. At Colliers, he is currently overseeing the operations for the business in Real Estate Management Services.
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May 3, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Bastiaan van Beijsterveldt | Occupier Services

With cross-regional experience in the Occupier sector, Bastiaan is empowered to help his clients prepare for the future of the office. He shares how an emphasis in flexibility can reap a business advantage in the long-term.
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Apr 14, 2021

Meet Our Experts: KengChiam Tan | Valuation and Advisory Services

KengChiam sees valuation beyond numbers and monetary values. As a professional valuer with more than three decades of experience under his belt, KengChiam is empowered to be at the forefront of the evolution and transformation of commercial real estate.
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Mar 12, 2021

Meet Our Experts: Govinda Singh | Hospitality and Leisure, Asia

Govinda Singh leads the hotels and leisure valuation and advisory practice in Colliers, and provides advisory service for hotels, casinos, golf courses, MICE venues and attractions in Asia. With 15 years of global experience under his belt, he continues to push the frontiers of the real estate industry to help his clients prepare for the future of Hospitality and Leisure.
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Jan 18, 2021

Talent Feature: Accelerating Success for Our People

At Colliers, it's not just about achieving success, it's how we do it — being passionate and going the extra mile in delivering solutions for our clients. Our experts share their experience on working in Colliers and provide their insights on collaborative working to do what’s right for and by our clients, people and communities.
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Jan 15, 2021

Collaboration: The Key to Success

Whilst there are a plethora of contributing factors to success, the keys to achieving success at Colliers remain a constant: collaboration and teamwork.
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Dec 23, 2020

Expert Spotlight: John Bin | Capital Markets and Investment Services

A strong advocate in being able to deliver the impossible, there is nothing that John would not delve into. His portfolio focuses on a range of transactions and serves a versatile clientele of investors from institutional fund managers, local developers, and family offices.
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Sep 24, 2020

Expert Spotlight: Andy Oon | Real Estate Management Services

Andy - an industry veteran with more than 25 years' experience in real estate management - sees growth potential in the retail tenancy management and operations business in Singapore. He shares more, as well as his 'SIMPLE' management method, with us.
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Sep 11, 2020

Expert Spotlight: LingWei Kong | Capital Markets and Investment Services

Relocating back to Singapore was a strategic move for LingWei, allowing her to capitalise on the region's rapid growth. She taps on her extensive experience and optimisim to share her top three tips to real estate investors looking to accelerate their success.
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Aug 14, 2020

Expert Spotlight: Rick Thomas | Occupier Services

Since relocating to Singapore almost 14 years ago to lead the Corporate Solutions business, Rick has grown his portfolio and now heads the Occupier Services business here. He shares more of how a simple mantra can go a long way for occupiers stay resilient amid the current pandemic.
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Aug 1, 2020

Expert Spotlight: Michelle Doyle-Jones | Marketing & Communications, Asia

From yoga to real estate - Michelle, who leads Colliers International's The Pursuit Strategy across Asia, makes it a point to understand the clients' needs, their business goals and market trends in order to craft effective, bespoke marketing campaigns and to spur business growth.
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Jul 24, 2020

Expert Spotlight: Stephen Bruce | Real Estate Management Services

Stephen takes his responsibility as guardian of a space seriously, viewing asset management as art more than a science. He shares more of his new role with Colliers and gets candid on how he's been coping with the pandemic as he serves his Stay-Home-Notice in Singapore.
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May 20, 2020

COVID-19 leadership lessons: The Future is Bright and Core Values are Key

Embracing new ways of working, adapting her management style, and overcoming challenges that came with the uncertainties - Managing Director Wei Leng Tang reflects on some lessons learned amid the effects of the pandemic.
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Apr 20, 2020

Expert Spotlight: Jerome Wright | Capital Markets and Investment Services

Jerome’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him along an impressive 16-year career path. With over a decade of experience in the Singapore occupier services and tenant leasing market, Jerome made a bold move and jumped over the fence to the investor services side.
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Mar 8, 2020

Colliers celebrates International Women's Day 2020

At Colliers, inclusion and diversity are a part of who we are. As part of our celebrations this year, Colliers REview asked senior leaders across the business to share their insights and stories on embracing equality and fostering an inclusive environment here at Colliers.
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Feb 26, 2020

In focus: Shawn Chang | Occupier Services

For Shawn Chang, one of five candidates selected for the management trainee programme, the craft of real estate as a combination of science and a form of art was particularly intriguing, and eventually nudged him toward pursuing a course in real estate.
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Feb 14, 2020

Singapore property outlook in the Year of the Rat

Singapore real estate is expected to retain its lustre in 2020 amid times of uncertainties, with the possibility of some property sectors outdoing 2019’s performance.
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