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Colliers REview

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Stay updated with the latest trends transforming the commercial real estate industry. Get to know enterprising individuals from our showcase of Colliers experts, as we give them the spotlight to share inspiring stories of their journeys in real estate.

Through Colliers REview, we share unique perspectives and thought pieces from our guest and in-house thought leaders. 

Latest Insights


Dec 9, 2021

Expert Spotlight: Chris White’s quite the done-it-all real estate veteran with a “can-do” attitude

With a career of more than 25 years, Chris White is a real estate expert with a vast and diverse experience. Find out why he describes himself as someone with a “can-do” attitude and how that has translated into achievements both at work and in his personal life.
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Dec 8, 2021

ESG Expert Series: More than 70% of Green Mark office buildings in Singapore to see a fall in ratings

Find out how the Green Mark certification scheme has changed and how your office building can still retain that green tick.
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Nov 18, 2021

Expert Spotlight: Why Colliers has been an enterprising move for Agnes Heu and she’s loving it

More than 28 years in the real estate industry, Agnes Heu joined Colliers in May this year as Director of Office Services for Singapore. Find out what drives her continued passion for what she excels in and the reason she takes pride in mentoring young industry talent.
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