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Valuation and market analysis provide a good starting point

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, it is crucial to understand the market, investor dynamics and indebtedness. In Real Estate, even the smallest decision and details can lead to significant gains or losses. Property owners with good market knowledge and relevant insight are better equipped to make the best decisions. Our Valuation Experts are authorized and specialized in all types of properties and segments and can help you use valuations and data to your advantage. This makes it easier to make decisions in a constantly changing Real Estate market. We offer year-end valuations, bank valuations, pre-acquisition or sales valuations, building rights valuations, and valuations for projects and investments. We value all types of properties, with either standardized reports or reports tailored to specific customer needs.

Colliers Team of Valuation Experts offers: 

  • Valuations of all types of properties
  • Valuations for annual final reports, bank valuations, pre acqusition or sale values, valuations of building rights and valuations for projects and investments
  • Standardised reports, reports tailored for specific customer and segmemt analysis
  • Vast experience and good references