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Colliers establishes Mr Cake in Gothenburg

Colliers International has acted as an advisor in the letting of a 730 sqm premises to the café Mr Cake. The premises are located at Stenpiren and the property owner is SEB Tryggliv. Roy Fares and Mattias Ljungberg, who's behind the concept Mr Cake, have since 2017 a well-attended café on Rådmansgatan 12 in Stockholm.

The venue at Stenpiren which now becomes Mr Cakes second unit is right next to the water and the stop Stenpiren, where both bus, tram and boat are located.

Rozana Eriksson Yevno, Director Colliers Leasing: "It is always fun to establish a new concept in Gothenburg. Mr Cake is such an elaborate and inspiring café concept and that makes it even more fun. Jennifer Eriksson has been responsible for this project, joining Mr Cake with Novi Real Estate, manager of the property at Stenpiren, which became a hit right from the start. I am looking forward to Mr Cakes opening, I'm convinced the rest of the residents in Gothenburg are as well"