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Professionals for retail department support projects at all stages of implementation, providing clients with the full range of consulting services in retail real estate. The company’s portfolio consists of more than 30 exclusive and co-exclusive projects in the retail property segment. More than 8,000 km separate our retail properties – from Murmansk to Ulan-Ude.

Our services

Representation of owners’ interests in leasing/sale of commercial properties

• Development of a general project concept
• Development of a trading plan
• Recommendations for planning solutions
• Recommendations on changes in current planning decisions taking into account the occupancy of a complex by tenants and increase in rental income

Representation of tenants looking for premises for rent/purchase

• Selection of premises according to tenant criteria
• Recommendations for the best location 

Development of a marketing and PR-strategy for renting retail properties

Information support (participation in developing marketing materials (booklet, brochure, etc.), participation in creating PR programs for promotion at all stages of a project)

Our projects in Moscow and Moscow region

SC Arena Plaza


GBA: 198,000 sq m
GLA: 17,180 sq m
Opened: December 2018

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City Promenade in Dream Island park


GBA: 140,000 sq m
GLA: 70,000 sq m
Parking lots: 3,800
Planned opening date: September 2019

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SEC Riga Mall

Moscow region

GBA: 142,000 sq m
GLA: 80,000 sq m
Parking lots: 3,000
Opened: August 2016

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SEC Columbus


GBA: 277,000 sq m
GLA: 136,000 sq m
Parking lots: 2,600
Opened: February 2015

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SEC in Podolsk


GBA: 60,000 sq m
GLA: 30,000 sq m
Planned opening date: 2021

SEC Pavlovskiy Passage

Pavlovskiy Posad

GBA: 19,000 sq m
GLA: 12,000 sq m
Parking lots: 250
Planned opening date: Q2 2020

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SEC Vegas

Moscow, Moscow region


MFC Kuntsevo Plaza, Kapitoliy Plaza

Moscow, Moscow region


SC Malakhovskoe Ozero

Lyubertsy district, Moscow region

GBA: 20,000 sq m
GLA: 14,000 sq m
Planned opening date: Q4 2018

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Our Projects in St. Petersburg

SEC Hollywood

St. Petersburg

GBA: 113,500 sq m
GLA: 65,000 sq m
Parking lots: 800
Planned opening date: 2020

SC Stockmann Nevskiy Center

St. Petersburg

GBA: 100,000 sq m
GLA: 50,000 sq m
Parking lots: 550
Opened: Q4 2010

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SEC Atlantic City

St. Petersburg

GBA: 46,000 sq m
GLA: 29,000 sq m
Parking lots: 1,500
Opened: 2008

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SEC Admiral

St. Petersburg

GBA: 10,032 sq m
GLA: 6,642 sq m
Opened: July 2014

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SC Ozerki

St. Petersburg

GBA: 15,590 sq m
GLA: 11,300 sq m
Parking lots: 140
Opened: March 2004

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SEC Kapitoliy Outlet

St. Petersburg

GBA: 41,500 sq m
GLA: 21,900 sq m
Parking lots: 500
Opened: Q3 2017

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L1 - SEC London Park

St. Petersburg

GBA: 61,000 sq m
GLA: 32,000 sq m
Planned opening date: Q4 2020

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St. Petersburg

GBA: 64,000 sq m
GLA: 45,000 sq m
Parking lots: 1,700
Opened: June 2012

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St. Petersburg

GBA: 30,000 sq m
GLA: 21,000 sq m
Opened: December 2004

SC Electra

St. Petersburg

GBA: 26,000 sq m
GLA: 23,000 sq m
Parking lots: 750
Opened: September 2012

Our projects in the CIS

SEC Grozniy Mall


GBA: 132,000 sq m
GLA: 52,000 sq m
Parking lots: 1,000
Planned opening date: Q3 2020

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SEC Forum


GBA: 46,800 sq m
GLA: 25,000 sq m
Parking lots: 350
Planned opening date (2nd phase): Q2 2020

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SEC Ultra


GBA: 47,600 sq m
GLA: 33,400 sq m
Parking lots: 1,240
Planned opening date: August 2016

SEC Pioner


GBA: 80,000 sq m
GLA: 38,000 sq m
Parking lots: 1,000
Opened: Q4 2016

SEC Lotus Plaza


GBA: 85,000 sq m
GLA: 50,600 sq m
Parking lots: 1,600
Opened: August 2014

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SEC Murmansk Mall


GBA: 80,000 sq m
GLA: 45,000 sq m
Parking lots: 1,200
Opened: October 2015

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SEC in Makhachkala


GBA: 54,000 sq m
GLA: 32,000 sq m
Parking lots: 650
Planned opening date: Q2 2021

SEC Vershina


GBA: 32,884 sq m
GLA: 15,992 sq m
Parking lots: 297
Opened: December 2010

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SC Respublica


GBA: 30,000 sq m
GLA: 28,000 sq m
Parking lots: 800
Planned opening date: March 2015

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SEC Yarkiy


GBA: 23,859 sq m
GLA: 16,874 sq m
Parking lots: 450
Opened: July 2014

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SEC Aquarelle


GBA: 34,997 sq m
GLA: 16,489 sq m
Parking lots: 297
Opened: November 2013

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SEC Evropeyskiy


GBA: 17,857 sq m
GLA: 13,287 sq m
Parking lots: 600
Planned opening date: December 2013

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SEC Parma


GBA: 22,486 sq m
GLA: 13,504 sq m
Parking lots: 300
Opened: March 2015

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SEC in Nefteyugansk


GBA: 20,000 sq m
GLA: 14,000 sq m
Parking lots: 140
Planned opening date: Q4 2019

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MFC Noviy


GBA: 64,000 sq m
GLA: 52,000 sq m
Planned opening date: September 2016