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Construction Project Management

Our competitive advantage is based on our expertise, our capacity to understand the needs of our clients in detail, together with our ability to acquire and coach the most talented professionals.

We offer innovative solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our services

For developers and investors, our services include:

• Building control 
• Technical representative of the customer and technical support of investment projects
• Quality control and assurance of the construction process 
• Fee development 
• Due diligence and all necessary documentation checks 
• Software for project management 
• Development and validation of concepts and project documentation 
• Technical audit of existing buildings and structures 
• Financial supervision of construction 
• Technical supervision 
• Technical client functions (in line with Russian regulation) 
• Reinstatement cost assessments 
• Health and safety consultancy  
• Environmental management

For tenants, our services include:

• Project management 
• Change management 
• Tenant coordination 
• Space planning and workplace consultancy 
• Architecture and interior design 
• Fit-out of ‘turnkey’ projects 
• Building Consultancy: 
• Technical due diligence 
• Technical examination of working and as built documentation 
• Cost/budget examination 
• Software planning management 
• Cost management 
• Technical briefs/requirements preparation 
• Tendering 
• Technical support for transactions
• LEED & BREEAM standards consulting 
• Workspace consultancy