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Design & Architecture

The main goal of our work is to create people-friendly aesthetics.
We believe that quality creative work can make our everyday life better.
We work with an entire range of residential and commercial real estate assets, trying to get the most of any facility or project.

Our services

Interior design

The design of both private and public interiors can conventionally be divided into the following phases:
1. Searching for form, devising the spatial concept — an initial phase, when alternative spatial design scenarios are shaped and different interior interpretations are suggested.  
2. Design concept: at this stage the style and principal idea of a project are suggested. This work results in the holistic model of a facility, describing its key features.
3. Detailed design: normally prepared for public interiors (retail, recreational, leisure centres, etc.), where many standard elements are present. The work results in an album of solutions used in the project with all essential information (dimensions, references to materials and their amount, specifying nodes and cross-sections). 
4. Detailed design documents — all textual and graphical documents fully covering all project-related solutions. The result is an album of shop drawings.

Graphical design

Graphical design is about creating a visually effective environment.
An important objective of graphical design is to create a memorable image of a project that will attract the target audience and help the project stand out among its competitors.
Developing a brand is a 100% creative challenge that requires certain rethinking and immersion in business specifics so that a quality solution can be found.
The name, trademark and slogan — a competently built brand policy makes it possible to stand out against the general backdrop, fostering loyalty and brand awareness among the target audience.
Professional branding services should engage a broad circle of experts from the contractor and customer side in the development process. 
We’ll help you create:
• the brand philosophy and mission;
• corporate identity;
• documents enshrining the brand’s policy (logo-book, guideline, brand-book).

Landscape design

Landscape design is a range of measures and solutions aimed at beautifying the territory. 
Landscape design is capable of making the territory surrounding private or public space expressive and, what really matters, functional.
Landscape design includes:
• Site zoning and design
• Preparing design documents
• Developing a site improvement project
• Budget estimate


Contemporary shopping malls range in size up to hundreds of thousands square metres. This scale requires a professional approach to the application of civil engineering and technological solutions; no mall can properly function without a deliberate system of indoor navigation for visitors. 

Eye-catching and easy-to-read signs, display panels and animated graphics — this all allows effective navigation to meet the following challenges:  
• Space optimisation and visitor flow distribution;
• Increasing the footfall in certain functional zones;
• Raising visitors’ awareness about availability and location of essential functional spaces.

Navigation for a shopping mall is a complex endeavour, since numerous factors need to be taken into consideration: the perception of fonts, contrasting effects and colour schemes, navigation types and location rules. An integrated approach to creating deliberate indoor navigation is needed.