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Colliers International to present results of study – “Investment in the periphery: the real state of affairs and prospects for growth” – At Moscow Urban Forum 2013

From December 5 to 7 the Manege Central Exhibition Hall will be hosting the Moscow Urban Forum, organized by the Moscow City Government with support from the Urban Land Institute and World Bank. The key theme of the forum is “Megacities: Success beyond the Center.”
The first plenary meeting of the forum will be opened by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, who is personally overseeing the event. During the course of the international conference more than 20 different sessions and 4 plenary meetings will be held. The forum will be attended by well-known foreign and Russian experts in urban development who together with representatives of federal and regional government bodies and leading players of the real estate market will discuss the potential of cities’ peripheral zones, including the development of Greater Moscow as a polycentric metropolis. 

Discussions at the forum will focus both on world experience in the development of cities’ outlying areas, for example, in London, Paris, Madrid and other major metropolitan areas, and on the problems facing the development of Moscow’s periphery. Specialists will address such topics as environmental factors, the investment appeal of the outskirts and migration issues. Scheduled speakers include: Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; Sir Edward Lister, Deputy Mayor of London for Policy and Planning; Fernando de Mello Franco, Secretary for Urban Development in Sao Paulo; Marat Khusnullin, Head of the Moscow Department for Urban Development and Construction; Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of the City of Moscow; Andrey Sharonov, Dean of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo; and, Sergey Kapkov, Minister of Culture of the Moscow City Government, among others.

On December 6 as a part of the forum’s official program Colliers International will present the results of its study titled “Investment in the Periphery: The Real State of Affairs and Prospects for Growth,” which includes an analysis and appraisal of the investment appeal of the Moscow region moving from the center to the periphery. Nikolay Kazanskiy, Managing Partner of Colliers International Russia, will speak about the potential and development forecasts for the investment market inside the MKAD, on Moscow’s newly acquired territory and in the surrounding Moscow region. The main focus will be on points of growth and investment magnets in the Moscow region, including those emerging through more effective use of industrial zones, with reference to examples of successful redevelopment projects in other countries. 

Nikolay Kazanskiy, Managing Partner, Colliers International Russia: “Moscow is an actively growing megalopolis with enormous potential that primarily lies in the development of peripheral centers and the creation of the corresponding infrastructure around them. This will provide stimulus for the decentralization of the market and emergence of some landmark projects in both residential and commercial real estate beyond the MKAD, including on the territory of Greater Moscow. The program for the development of such satellites is being developed with full participation at the top level of the government and business community and in close coordination with leading experts of the real estate market, and it outlines a unique path forward for Moscow and the region. These are positive changes, as the appearance of alternative areas on the periphery capable of competing with Moscow’s center will help improve the city’s environmental situation, its traffic conditions and more.”