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Olga Magus | Colliers | Moscow

Olga Magus

Commercial Director for CFD | Property Management

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Professional Summary

Olga joined Colliers in 2016. She has more than 9 years of professional experience in commercial real estate.

In Olga’s responsibility are rental teams at 6 Colliers’s sites. Her priority targets include project field test, the staffing of the commercial service of object, hiring and training of the team. Olga develops and implements regulations, standards for basic rental management processes, forms forecast for the revenue, including a possible increase in the rate and turnover of tenants, as well as efficient rotation of «weak» tenants. Great part of her work is to reduce and prevent the growth of receivables. Also, Olga harmonize commercial terms when signing new lease agreements and extending current ones, gives recommendations on how to improve the lease agreement editing (in order to protect the lessor’s interests and guarantee the effective work of the tenant in the project).


Currently, under Olga’s leadership is commercial management (brokerage, lease relationship) at the following sites:

TEC Skazka (GBA 38 600 sq.m, GLA 18 500 sq.m), Moscow

TEC Sotii  (GBA 16 550 sq.m, GLA 4 600 sq.m), Moscow

TEC PIK (GBA 30 000 sq.m, GLA 20 700 sq.m), Saint-Petersburg

TEC Admiral (GBA 10 000 sq.m, GLA 7 000 sq.m), Saint-Petersburg

TEC Ozerki (GBA 15 800 sq.m, GLA 11 000 sq.m), Saint-Petersburg

TEC Murmansk Mall (GBA 80 000 sq.m, GLA 45 000 sq.m), Murmansk

In addition, Olga was directly involved in the tender for the projects of the Otkritie Bank structure:

TEC Evropeiski (GBA 17 850 sq.m, GLA 13 290 sq.m), Orsk

TEC Respublica (GBA 30 000 sq.m, GLA 28 000 sq.m), Krasnoyarsk

TEC Yarkiy (GBA 23 850 sq.m, GLA 16 900 sq.m), Yaroslavl

TEC Parma (GBA 22 500 sq.m, GLA 13 500 sq.m), Syktyvkar

TEC Vershina (GBA 32 900 sq.m, GLA 16 000 sq.m), Surgut

TEC Akvarel (GBA 35 000 sq.m, GLA 16 500 sq.m), Tambov

TEC Torgovyj Kvartal (GBA 41 300 sq.m, GLA 30 750 sq.m), Kaluga

Sampsonievsky mall (GLA 14 400 sq.m) and BC Sampsonievsky (GLA 22 000 sq.m), Saint-Petersburg

Supermarkets Yasenevo (GLA 11 250 sq.m), Belgrad (GLA 9 200 sq.m), Molodejny (GLA 7 850 sq.m), Dobryninsky (GLA 7 650 sq.m), Moscow

Premiera mall (GLA 9 000 sq.m), Moscow

Ogny City mall (GLA 2 230 sq.m), Moscow


Total asset management, communication with the customer, rental department management.

Professional experience in commercial real estate is more than 9 years.

>>2016 – present time – Colliers 

>>2014 - 2016 – Eastward Capital (Torgovyj Kvartal Management), later ITD Properties

>>2012 - 2014 – TPN Nedvizhimost


Among the projects implemented earlier by Olga:

TEC Torgovyj Kvartal (Kaluga, GBA 41 300 sq.m, GLA 30 750 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Evropeiski (Orsk,  GBA 17 850 sq.m, GLA 13 290 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Respublica (Krasnoyarsk, GBA 30 000 sq.m, GLA 28 000 sq.m),  Colliers

TEC Yarkiy (Yaroslavl,  GBA 23 850 sq.m, GLA 16 900 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Akvarel (Tambov,  GBA 35 000 sq.m, GLA 16 500 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Pushkinskii (Kursk,  GBA sq.m, GLA sq.m), Colliers

TEC Grand (Kursk, GLA 2 450 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Triumph (Kursk, GLA 1 300 sq.m),  Colliers

TEC Kristall (Kursk, GLA 6 500 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Perekrestok (Kursk, GLA 700 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Bumerang (Kursk, GLA 5 200 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Novostroi (Kursk, GLA 3 800 sq.m), Colliers

TEC Malakhovskoe Ozero (Moscow Oblast, GBA 20 000 sq.m, GLA 14 000 sq.m), Colliers

Supermarket Yasenevo (Moscow,  GBA 13 500 sq.m, GLA 11 250 sq.m), Colliers

Supermarket Belgrad (Moscow,  GBA 13 000 sq.m, GLA 9 200 sq.m), Colliers

Supermarket Dobryninsky (Moscow,  GBA 10 000 sq.m, GLA 7 650 sq.m), Colliers

Supermarket Molodejny (Moscow, GBA 11 560 sq.m, GLA 7 850 sq.m), Colliers

TEC RIGA MALL (Moscow Oblast, GLA 80 000 sq.m), Colliers

TEC “MoreMall” (Sochi, GLA 80 000 sq.m, developer – “TPN Nedvizhimost”),

rental management at 5 stations in Sochi: “Sochi”, “Adler”, “Olimpiyskiy

 park”, “Esto-Sadok”, “Roza Hutor” (total GLA 4 000 sq.m, Eastward Capital),

TEC Torgovyj Kvartal (Kaluga, GLA 30 750 sq.m),

TEC “Akvarel” (Tambov, GLA 16 500 sq.m),

TEC “Shokolad” (Nizhny Novgorod, GLA 20 000 sq.m), all – “Torgovyj Kvartal Management”, Eastward Capital,

Project “Torgovyj Kvartal” (Domodedovo, GLA 22 000 sq.m., ITD Properties Management)


>> TEC “Murmansk Mall” during the first year of operation, after accepting the project from a professional international management company:

·         Reduction in receivables by 70%,

·         increase in the weighted average rate by 33%,

·         increase in tenant turnover by an average of 15%.

>> TEC “RIGA MALL”: setting up the work of the commercial management unit and rising up to 75% occupancy rate during the crisis.

>> Increase in the shopping area of the Perekrestok supermarket in “Ozerki” shopping mall, as the result the tenant’s turnover increased by 30%

>> Attraction of anchor tenants to shopping galleries:

·         L'Etoile, Eldorado, DNS, DoDo Pizza in Ozerki, achieved 99% project occupancy

·         COFFIT, L'Etoile, Familia and Sunlight in Admiral

>> TEC PIK, despite the ongoing reconstruction of the complex in 2018, it was possible to achieve the following indicators in relation to 2017

·         Increase in rental income by 17%

·         Opening of federal operators:

Modi, Sokolov, re:Store, Svyaznoy – 1st floor;

Acoola, ELC, Detskiy mir, Reike, Savva, I love mum – 3d floor;

>> TEC Kaluga during one quarter of management, rental income increased by 7%, rental income increased due to the rotation of tenants by 34%, an increase in turnover of goods by an average of 10%


2003, Sochi Polytechnic College, Jurisprudence, Lawyer

2003, Sochi Polytechnic College, Tourism, specialist

2010, Sochi Institute of Economics and Information Technology, Economics and management, Organization Management, Organization Manager

2011, North Caucasus Academy of Public Administration, diploma of completion of advanced training courses, Specialist in the field of public procurement

2011, Association of electronic trading platforms, certificate, Current requirements for conducting electronic auctions: theory and practice of implementation. Key innovations in the placement of state and municipal orders

2011, LLC "YuRDTS" with the participation of specialists from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Rostov Region, certificate, New challenges in the field of public procurement (within the IV regional forum-exhibition "Government order of the Rostov region-2011"


·         Colliers: Anna Nikandrova (Partner, Head of Retail Property Department)

·         LLC “Vokzaly”: Andrey Alexandrovich Zakharchuk (Managing director)

·         Open Society “TPN Nedvizhimost” Sochi branch (“MoreMall”): Pavel Evgenievich Romanenko (Branch manager)

·         ITD Properties Management: Alexandra Grigorishina (CEO)


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