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Inside Africa: Spotlight on six nations | March 2021

The development of information communications and environmental technology, alongside the growth of technology electronics clusters, will be critical in securing a more sustainable economic future for African economies. Several nations have been improving the ease of doing business at a national level to support greater corporate investment. There is significant scope for investment and growth for service-led expansion in Africa, on the back of building a more robust and accessible telecoms infrastructure to support current merchandise-export-led performance.

Of all the major continents Africa has by far the fastest growing, young population, growing the labour force. Almost 70% of the total population are under 30yrs old vs the global average of 50%; in Europe the under 30’s represent just over 30% of the population. While Europe and other part of the developed world deal with an ageing population profile and the opportunities and challenges that brings, many businesses are focusing on the strong Africa growth story to help expand, bolster and diversify their business production and demand.

Key themes:

- Spotlight on six nations: South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon
- Key metrics in population, labour force, service sector and technology
- Governance, ease of doing business and corporate investment in Africa
- Real estate requirements - focus on offices