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COVID-19: Romanian Industrial Market Survey Part II

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The I&L real estate segment is probably the least impacted of the current crisis, as the latest events only exacerbated past trends which were already quite favourable in the longer run, like a shift to e-commerce and re-shoring (likely to be felt over the medium term). Together with Romania’s structural undersupply, things look bright when looking past the short-term noise. The 26 top developers and tenants which took part in our survey between 23rd of September and 3rd of October incapsulate such views.

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Uncertainties and the overall recession climate have negatively impacted I&L market participants, though not nearly as much as other sectors of the economy. So, while for about 46% of respondents 2020 looks worse than planned, for the rest, it is pretty much business as usual (which is quite positive given Romania’s dynamics) or above-plan results.


COVID-19: Romanian Industrial Market Survey Part II

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Silviu Pop



Before joining Colliers mid-2017 as Head of Research for Romania, Silviu Pop worked with ING Bank for close to three years as an economist, covering macroeconomic/financial market themes for Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia. As of October 2022, he holds the position of Director for Research for the CEE and Romania. His previous professional experience includes working almost 7 years as a financial journalist at various media outlets in Romania, including the sole business-oriented TV station in Romania, where he hosted a daily show for a period of time; during this interval,  he won a number of scholarships, including a stint with Reuters. He holds a BSc in economics at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

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