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GDP Surges 2017

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Economic growth has remained surprisingly robust in the second quarter (close to the 6% handle in year-on-year terms), outpacing all EU member states and raising questions about potential overheating.


We believe these concerns are a bit premature as macroeconomic imbalances are still within manageable levels – particularly for a fast-growing emerging economy, though fiscal slippages risks are worth keeping a close eye on.

We also note that there are signs that consumers might be more cautious compared to the 2006-2008 growth spurt. Overall, this looks like a Goldilocks economic backdrop for now, boding well for real estate as well.

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GDP Surges 2017

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Silviu Pop

Head of Research | Romania


Before joining Colliers mid-2017 as Head of Research for Romania, Silviu Pop worked with ING Bank for close to three years as an economist, covering macroeconomic/financial market themes for Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia. His previous professional experience includes working almost 7 years as a financial journalist at various media outlets in Romania, including the sole business-oriented TV station in Romania, where he hosted a daily show for a period of time; during this interval,  he won a number of scholarships, including a stint with Reuters. He holds a BSc in economics at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

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