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Work from home will continue in the post Covid-19 era

Companies rely on a hybrid way of working to maintain their organizational culture

Working from home will remain a common practice within many companies even after the Covid-19 epidemic passes, in a hybrid work system that combines remote activity with activity in the office for the entire team, a survey conducted by Colliers International among management and decision makers in nearly 80 companies with activities in various economic sectors and teams from a few dozen to thousands of employees shows. Remote work raises problems within teams on the long-term for 80% of respondents, so they are forced to redefine their way of working and most rely on transforming offices into hubs that support collaboration, accelerate creativity and maintain team spirit. 

Even if the productivity of employees was maintained at home in 58% of companies, while 25% even saw an increase, four out of five companies have faced challenges in recent months due to the remote way of working. And the indefinite extension of the current model would most likely deepen effects on team cohesion and collaboration, as well as pose difficulties in maintaining the organizational culture. Therefore, respondents to the Colliers International survey rely on a hybrid model of work after the Covid-19 epidemic, in which all employees will return at the office and will work 1-2 days a week remotely (53% of companies), while another 33% will offer their employees 3-4 working days out of the office.

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Dominique Bogdanas

Senior Associate | Workplace Advisory


Working within Colliers for almost three two years, Dominique joined the Real Estate Management Services department in 2016 after three years of architecture design experience. Dominique has also technical experience in software like AutoCAD Design and ARCHICAD GRAPHISOFT for 3D Modeling.  In addition to the architecture tasks and objectives, Dominique is also responsible for advising the clients in choosing the best sustainable features of the materials and equipment for their buildings. She has specializez in providing Green Building Certification Services.


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