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Will the need for flexibility take center stage?

We get to decide what happens next… and things will never be the same. Is that something to fear or look forward to? As any major change, the road will be paved with uncertainty, but also excitement and discoveries. And, as always, hopefully, once we’ve grown into the new world, we’ll look back at all this and laugh at how scared and sometimes even lost we felt.

What is the main driver of this change? Right now, the main concern is to keep people safe, of course. What about going forward? Will the need for flexibility take center stage? Have we all become a bit spoiled and will just blatantly refuse to go back to a world of commuting 5 days a week, every week? Will the need for productivity reign as king of how decisions are made? Or, as it often is the case, will we be presented with a bit of everything?

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George Didoiu

Director | Tenant Services


Achieved over 11 years of experience in real estate, managing 10 LIDL properties and the development of the network as a Regional Expansion Director(previously) and the office leasing activity in Colliers (currently)

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