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Three quarters of investors in the land market closed or expect to close deals in 2020

About three quarters of investors active in the land segment have completed land deals in 2020 or expect to close ongoing deals by the end of the year, despite the economic recovery which is stalling due to the resurgence of the virus, according to a survey conducted by Colliers International on the land market among more than 90 professionals active in this real estate segment.

The local land market continues to see deals progressing, as the interest of investors remains significant despite the question marks about the economic recovery facing a resurgence of the virus. About 60% of respondents to Colliers International’s survey in the land segment decided to move ahead with all or some of the deals that were already in progress this year, while 19% even sought diverse perspectives to initiate new transactions in the past months. In terms of 2020 market activity, 73% of investors interviewed  have closed land deals in 2020 or expect to close one by the year end.

Land transaction activity seems to be settling into a new normal. It's worth noting that both our surveys this year showed a significant number of respondents who already completed land deals in 2020 by the time the survey was conducted or expect to close deals until the end of the year - 71% of spring survey, respectively 73% of autumn survey. Moreover, the perception about the future is refreshing. 85% of those recently surveyed responded that they expect to close a land transaction in 2021. How much of this is scientific prediction, as opposed to mere hope, remains to be seen”, declared Sînziana Oprea, Director Land Agency at Colliers International.

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Sinziana Oprea



Sinziana started her activity in Colliers in 2006 within the administrative team and 1 year later was promoted Assistant for the Land Department.


As a result of her remarkable progress and her will to build a brokerage career, in 2009 Sinziana took another step up in her career and became Associate within the Land Department. As one of the main agents of the team, she focused on client needs analysis, ensuring effective communication and building up long term relationships. She specialized in retail parks developments and played a key role in assisting major retailers to find strategic locations for their future expansion plans.


Upon her promotion to Senior Associate position in 2012, Sinziana gained a broader portfolio of clients and switched focus to office and residential sectors, two markets that have started to become particularly active. Due to her deep

expertise in the land market and to her client focus orientation, Sinziana fulfills with success the highest expectations by making perfect matches between the vendors’ and buyers’ interests. She is also in charge with market prospecting and budgeting, as well as with drawing up financial analysis for various project developments.

Starting with mid-2014, Sinziana became Associate Director within Colliers Land Agency. Under the new role, she also provides assistance and coordination to the other team members and is responsible for drawing up the Land Agency

overall strategy.

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