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The office market will have to redefine itself in the next period, with a focus on transforming the office into a space that promotes innovation and collaboration in the new context

Following the recent transformations for the safe return of companies to the office, the office market will have to continue to redefine itself in the next period, to provide spaces that promote innovation and collaboration in the new context, according to Colliers International consultants. The office will remain the central element within companies, given that the need for intense collaboration and social interaction in the professional sphere is difficult to meet in a virtual environment, the effects of this period being expected to reflect on the way of working and on the workspace organizing.

The office of the future will focus on promoting social interaction and collaboration. We expect a new way of working, which will involve a mix between work from the office and from distance, from home or from other spaces. Most likely, employees will prefer to remotely carry out those activities that involve focused work and will go to the office for collaborative work - customer meetings, brainstorming sessions, project meetings and so on. In this context, we believe that the office will go through a process of redefinition, and the emphasis will be on the quality of the space and the experience of the employees, promoting the identity and culture of the space”, said Daniela Popescu, Associate Director Office Advisory at Colliers International Romania.

Companies adopt a "wait & see" attitude to overcome the period of uncertainty 

Landlords and tenants need more time to understand the economic impact of Covid-19 before making a decision to renegotiate or renew the lease, whatever that may be. In addition, many companies depend on decisions made in the countries where their headquarter is located, some severely affected by Covid-19, which can have an impact on the immediate decision. On the other hand, due to social distancing and the new rules applicable in office spaces, tenants must carefully estimate the space required, increasing the average from 8 square meters to 15 square meters per employee, which seems to compensate for the impact generated by work from home. In this context, making a decision seems more difficult, and given the uncertainties that exist, it will probably lead to a postponement of the decision until the earliest autumn”, said Sebastian Dragomir, Partner & Head of Office Advisory at Colliers International Romania.

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Daniela Popescu

Director | Tenant Services & Workplace Advisory


Daniela joined Colliers International in 2005 in the Residential Department and moved to the Consulting Division early in 2006. 

She proved to have excellent research and analytical skills and she specialized in the residential segment. 

After 6 years of involvement in consultancy, in 2012, she has been appointed as Head of Research. At the moment she coordinates the research activities within Colliers International Romania being involved in various analyses, reports and forecasts conducted on the Romanian real estate market.

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