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More than 90% of tenants paid their obligations on time to the office building owners in the third quarter of the "pandemic year"

Most tenants complied with their contractual obligations to owners of the office buildings managed by Colliers International between July and September, even though many companies operated in a hybrid system, combining remote activity with office presence. Thus, the share of tenants who paid their debts on time was 91% in the third quarter of this year, compared to 87% in the same period in 2019, despite the effects of the pandemic on their activity, data from the property management division of Colliers International show.

Colliers' data on payment behavior and macroeconomic data, in general, suggest that there is no excessive stress accumulated so far on companies. Indeed, in recent months a little under 100,000 workers became unemployed, but job losses seem to have stabilized since August, and employment intentions are recovering much faster than a decade ago. In addition, the data of the central bank show that the amounts refused for payment with debit instruments of companies - which would indicate the degree of stress in the economy - is close to the minimums of this cycle and at values significantly lower than last year, which shows that money flows properly between companies”, explains Alexandru Atanasiu, Associate Director Real Estate Management Services at Colliers International. 

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Alexandru Atanasiu

Director | Property Management


  • "Colliers", Bucharest

Deputy Head  |  Construction Services

Sept 2021 – Present

Director |  Property Management 

Jul 2021 – Present

Associate Director | Operational & Technical Manager

Jan 2020 – Jul 2021

Operational & Technical Manager

May 2019 – Jan 2020

·    Providing day to day operational and technical advice to the Property Managers;

·    Managing major issues at the buildings and the establish the appropriate method to handle the problems;

·    Support for take over new projects: tenders, analysis and implementation of services in the buildings (Technical, Cleaning, Security, Firefighters etc.);

·    Maintaining administrative procedures relevant to buildings operations and preparing written reports as required by the operating procedures pertinent to management operations;

·    Monitoring contracts with vendors to ensure that all contractual obligations are being met (based on KPI’s) and that the work performed is of a quality equal to the building’s standards.

Senior Property Manager

 Feb 2016- May 2019

Assist in all aspects of the administrative, financial and operations of the assigned portfolio  consisting of +50,000 sq m of GLA class A office projects and +30,000 sq m of GLA class B-C office projects:

- Propose and manage the annual properties budgets - more than 3,6 mil. euro annually;
- Monthly and annual reporting of the portfolio;
- Monthly review of operating budgets;
- Oversee and coordinate all operating teams and activities related to: technical, cleaning, security, firefighters, consultants; 
- Organizing regular tenders including preparation of tender books, data analysis and submitting recommendations/taking implementation decisions;
- Recruitment activities;
- Creating, implementing and tracking improvement training's, processes and procedures at department level;


  • “MT&T Property Management”, Bucharest

Property and Project Manager

May 2013 – Jan 2016

Assist in all aspects of the administrative, financial and operations of the assigned portfolio 
consisting of +20,000 sq m of GLA class B office projects: 

- Propose and manage the annual operational budgets - more than 1 mil. euro annually;
- Monthly and annual reporting of the portfolio;
- Monthly review of operating budgets;
- Responsible for the relation with state authorities;
- Negotiate on behalf of the Landlord with real estate agencies and office clients. Letting 6000 sq m office space and conduct Project management activities fit-out projects and major repair works of more than 1.2 mil euro net value; 
- Manage tenant commercial requirements; 
- Assist in the due diligence of potential acquisitions;
- Recruitment activities;

Technical Engineer and Project Manager

Apr 2012 – May 2013

- Implementation of standards and work procedures for technical activities (preventive and reactivate maintenance);
- Coordinate technical teams from 2 locations - retail and office assets; 
- Project manager with technical and commercial responsibilities for a complex project of 0.6 mil. euro; 


  • Construction Company, Bucharest

Civil Engineer

Oct 2009 – Mar 2012

-Preparing Execution-charts;
-Claims management;
-Coordinating Tenders;
-Tracking the supply of materials ordered to make timely and with quality documents;
-Management of construction site expenses and report weekly;
-Leading role in construction process and coordination meetings;


  • Real Estate Company , Constanta

Real Estate Consultant

Sep 2006 – Jul 2009

-Viewing, documenting, negotiating and selling properties (land plots, houses, flats, industrial properties);
-Establishing good contacts and efficient work with institutions involved in the act of sale: Assessor's office, Land Registration, Notary Offices, Public Finance Administration;


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