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Five measures that office buildings owners can take for the safety of employees of the tenant companies

Office buildings owners can implement a series of quick measures for the hygiene of office spaces and of thermal and ventilation systems during this period in which a large part of employees of their tenant companies are working outside the office, being able to opt even to conserve buildings where tenants have fully implemented the work from home system, according to Colliers International consultants. Thus, building owners contribute to limiting the epidemiological risks and ensure optimization of resources, with positive effects on the management costs of the office building.

Most office buildings in Colliers’ portfolio are currently operating at low capacity, showing that organisations across Romania have rapidly implemented temporary work-from-home solutions for their employees, while industrial projects under management are operational at 100% of capacity. In this context, office building owners can more easily implement measures which would otherwise be difficult in maximum occupancy conditions.

We have built a solid continuity plan for the buildings we are managing, specific for the current situation. Driven by care for the health of people working in these buildings, we have made the plan to ensure continuity, predictability and flexibility and to cover aspects like digital means of communication, information sources and obligations to communicate, as well as the components and responsibilities of the administrative structure. We are witnessing an exemplary mobilization of companies, on all levels”, says Oana Adjudeanu, Deputy Head of Property Management within the Colliers Department of Real Estate Management Services.

Preventive disinfection actions through nebulisation, in common areas of the building and, ideally, in rented spaces, together with tenants, is the first recommended step, considering measures and norms imposed by authorities in this regard, according to Colliers International consultants.

Complete sanitation and overhaul of heating and cooling (VCV) and air treatment and ventilation (CTA) plants are also recommended. "These operations increase the efficiency of the building, but also the level of hygiene, which is so important in this context. During this period, the Colliers team is mobilized and is adapting quickly with viable solutions that are implemented daily”, adds Oana Adjudeanu.

In certain situations, it is also recommended to stop the recirculation function of air treatment and ventilation systems. These systems are started, in some cases, for only one hour a day, until the tenants return to the building. Also, certain works that are normally programmed outside of working hours can be performed more easily, and empty floors can operate in the "unoccupied" mode, to reduce consumption and ensure a minimum temperature in the respective space.

As an additional measure of protection, in the current epidemiological context, the maintenance or management teams should not overlap and thus no longer interact directly. Colliers consultants also recommend intensifying disinfection rounds of interior surfaces, as operations can be carried out quickly, especially when the building is not occupied.

Today we are operating in special conditions and we are choosing to talk about these recommendations for best practice based on the extensive experience of our collaborators and of Colliers’ Property Management team. Both the overall Colliers team and the project teams have been analysing, since the start of the current situation, different scenarios, from building functioning below normal levels or being in conservation to the full lockdown of buildings as a result of possible decisions made by authorities and the reopening of those buildings. At the same time, we are encouraging building owners, tenants and collaborators to use resources efficiently and even to direct teams towards areas in society where they are most needed, focusing on activities that can contribute both to the continuity of business and to aiding the overall society”, says Alexandru Atanasiu, Associate Director Real Estate Management Services within Colliers.

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Oana Adjudeanu

Deputy Head


Oana joined Colliers International in 2008 and has an experience of more than 10 years in real estate, with a specialization in office leasing and then in Property Management and Green Certifications. Benefiting from a consultancy background, Oana has a professional approach towards her clients, maintaining a close connection and an open communication with them.

Oana became LEED Accredited Professional Operations and Maintenance in July 2013. She worked and coordinated the certification process under LEED EBOM for four existing shopping malls in countryside (Iulius Mall Timisoara, Iulius Mall Suceava, Iulius Mall Cluj and AFI Palace Ploiesti), and for five existing office buildings.

As of February 2016, Oana took on a supervising role over the Property Management portfolio.

In her position of Director, Oana is responsible for:

  • Business development for new clients and tender management;
  • Department development strategy;
  • New services and business lines development;
  • Team management: providing day to day operation advice, performing evaluations, recruitment for new positions;
  • Setting-up the new buildings acquired in the portfolio, by assisting in the handover from the general contractor or the former managing team;
  • Continuous improvement operational procedures and set-up of new ones
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Alexandru Atanasiu

Deputy Head


"Colliers", Bucharest
Deputy Head  |  Construction Services

Sept 2021 – Present

Director |  Property Management 

Jul 2021 – Present

Associate Director | Operational & Technical Manager

Jan 2020 – Jul 2021

Operational & Technical Manager

May 2019 – Jan 2020

·    Providing day to day operational and technical advice to the Property Managers;

·    Managing major issues at the buildings and the establish the appropriate method to handle the problems;

·    Support for take over new projects: tenders, analysis and implementation of services in the buildings (Technical, Cleaning, Security, Firefighters etc.);

·    Maintaining administrative procedures relevant to buildings operations and preparing written reports as required by the operating procedures pertinent to management operations;

·    Monitoring contracts with vendors to ensure that all contractual obligations are being met (based on KPI’s) and that the work performed is of a quality equal to the building’s standards.

Senior Property Manager

 Feb 2016- May 2019

Assist in all aspects of the administrative, financial and operations of the assigned portfolio  consisting of +50,000 sq m of GLA class A office projects and +30,000 sq m of GLA class B-C office projects:

- Propose and manage the annual properties budgets - more than 3,6 mil. euro annually;
- Monthly and annual reporting of the portfolio;
- Monthly review of operating budgets;
- Oversee and coordinate all operating teams and activities related to: technical, cleaning, security, firefighters, consultants; 
- Organizing regular tenders including preparation of tender books, data analysis and submitting recommendations/taking implementation decisions;
- Recruitment activities;
- Creating, implementing and tracking improvement training's, processes and procedures at department level;

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