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Colliers has certified with LEED, BREEAM and WELL standards almost 3 million square meters of real estate space in 10 years of activity of the Green and Healthy Buildings Certifications department

Colliers, the only real estate consulting company with a dedicated team of LEED, BREEAM and WELL specialists, provided consulting for certification according to all these standards for more than 100 projects, totaling approximately 3 million square meters, during the 10 years of activity in the Green and Healthy Buildings Certifications segment. Of these, 67 projects have been completed and another 40 projects are being certified. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of buildings in protecting people's health, safety and wellbeing, so 24 projects have obtained various certifications this year alone, following the advice provided by the Colliers team.

In the context of an atypical 2020, when the work environment, sustainability, energy saving and digitalization have become a necessity in the pandemic accelerated hybrid work system, building owners and tenants now see an increasing need for high health and safety standards in the spaces they manage and are now considering reducing the risk of spreading infectious diseases by adopting solutions that can be implemented immediately and facilitate the creation of a health-safe working environment. 

“Owners of certified green buildings can offer tenants a space with reduced operating costs by 10-30%, a much healthier work environment, which generates increased employee productivity, but also compatibility with the companies’ CSR strategies. Regarding the benefits of such services, they may vary depending on the type of client for whom we offer services - real estate developer, contractor, tenant, but all advantages converge to the project location, facilities available for employees / tenants (from parking lots and showers with changing rooms and up to electric charging stations), energy efficiency measures, sustainable materials used in construction, increased attention to indoor air quality, according to international regulations, but also on sustainable operating policies, ie the use of products / non-polluting equipment for building maintenance. Colliers advises on obtaining LEED, BREEAM, WELL Building & WELL Health-Safety Rating certifications, both for existing buildings, in order to improve their performance and sustainability, and for new projects"
, explains Oana Stamatin, Director of Green and Healthy Buildings Certifications at Colliers.

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Oana Stamatin

ESG Chief Officer


Oana started to work in Colliers in 2006 and has currently sixteen years of gradually built experience,  providing consultancy services for some of the main players of the local real estate market:  AFI Europe, CA Immo, Immofinanz, Iulius, One United, Dedeman, Globalworth, Skanska or CTP .

She is skilled in building surveying and sustainability consultancy of the real estate developments, with specialization in LEED, BREEAM and WELL certifications for new developments and existing assets.

Starting with February 2022, Oana has been appointed as ESG Chief Officer for CEE and Romania, managing and driving all ESG - related regional activities.

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