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Madalina Ivanescu | Colliers | Bucharest

Madalina Ivanescu

Junior Office Manager

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Professional Summary

Post graduating a French specialty - Philology Faculty I was drawn by the telecommunication industry, filling a sales position for the next 6 years. By the end of that period I moved horizontally within the sales field of the interior design and hotel and residential furnishing.

The last 5 years prior to my Colliers presence were dedicated to an innovative field, the regenerative medicine that I have experienced from the administrative ranks whilst developing a deep understanding of the science behind the birth collected stem cells and the commercial rationales that drive this industry forward.

And because life is a never-ending string of choices, I chose to focus my energy onto an extremely complex field: the real-estate.


Individually prospecting, dealing and closing as a team a very large furnishing deal with, then, the soon to open RIN GRAND HOTEL, Bucharest.

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