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Authoritative office advice

We connect investors and owners, developers and users of office spaces, maximising the value of their operations through the best knowledge of the market.

We guide our clients from the investment opportunity to the design and implementation of their businesses in the most avant-garde workspaces.

The assets repositioning, the marketing and commercialisation strategies, plus the high added value of our financial specialisation and the technical and management services that we offer, make Colliers Portugal the best ally in the office market.

The capabilities of our powerful global network allow us to access the best players in the market anywhere in the world.


· Services for the office market ·

We design and execute the optimal investment or divestment strategies at all times in the market, maximising the asset value and minimising the transaction risks. We have access the best capital sources through our global network, with a presence in 67 countries.
  • Sale of office assets or portfolios: specialisation in complex and high-volume off-market transactions as well as in the structuring of competitive processes. We offer rigorous and detailed due diligence that is crucial to investor analysis and transaction success.
  • Purchase of office assets or portfolios: we are experts in identifying and analysing assets that best suit the profitability requirements, income objectives and risk profile of our clients. We specialise in direct capital investments and indirect investments through the acquisition of debt or participation in funds or companies.
  • Sale & Leaseback Operations: Extensive knowledge and track-record in Sale & Leaseback operations in the office market.
  • Specialised advice on Debt and financing: We offer innovative solutions based on the best financial experience and knowledge in the market.

Services in detail


We combine our specialised knowledge on the office market with a deep understanding of our business strategy and achieving for them the best spaces to work.

Our team of Tenant Rep experts, together with our specialists in technical and management services, develop the most suitable strategy for the tenant and together they define the needs and execute the project until the delivery of a well designed space.

  • Market study
  • Cash flow & financial analysis
  • Asset searches and analysis
  • Lease & negotiation
  • Renegotiation and restructuring agreements
We provide tailored financial advice and solutions in the form of debt and equity financing. We also offer advice on merger and acquisition processes, divestments, strategic alliances and JVs, selecting the best capital sources for our clients anywhere in the world.
  • Financing & restructuring
  • Incorporation of shareholders and Joint Ventures
  • Corporate operations

Services in detail


Decarbonisation & energy efficiency

We offer high added value sustainability services for offices and office portfolios aimed at increasing liquidity and value for investors who are increasingly demand compliance with ESG criteria in their properties.
Our Architecture and Sustainability specialists help owners, investors and operators to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the office market.

Services in detail

We provide valuation and consulting services, both for portfolios and unit assets, with application of the RICS regulations.
  • Asset valuations of offices or portfolios, with high specialisation in advising equity companies (SOCIMIS and other investment vehicles).
  • Market studies
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Due Diligence

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We provide high value-add services in Architecture and Building consultancy for the office market with the aim of achieving the best workspaces, following the most innovative trends in the market and getting the most out of each project.

Services in detail


Featured clients


· Case Study ·

Featured clients

A c
omplete refurbishment project

We innovate through virtual reallity. A very useful video format to boost decisions and visualise the final result of the project before excecute it. At colliers we minimize risks and maximize resources. Do you need an Office Project?


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Workplace Expert

The application that helps you quickly and intuitively configure your optimal workspace.

Technology based on big data owned by Colliers and available on any mobile device.

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