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Corporate Finance

Bespoke property and financial advise

With our high level of specialisation and experience in financial advisory We are prepared to provide our expertise in the Portuguese real estate market and help companies and investors accelerate their success.

Over the years we have been the lead adviser in financial restructuring and mortgage debt deals in Spain. Our experience is built on more than 700 projects and transactions with €95 Bn. volume advised in real estate corporate finance.


  • Volumen advised 95 Bn. € in Real Estate Corporate Finance
  • Corporate deals 90 completed since 2002
  • Projects 700 and deals advised
  • More than 50 experts in RE Corporate Finance

We are experts advisors in:

Our wide expertise in debt advisory allows us to advise our clients in defining the best management strategy, the optimum price and the risks associated with each portfolio, in the shortest turnaround time possible.

We are specialist in both sell-side and buy-side processes.

The real estate industry is cyclical, require extensive capital and take years to generate returns. A capital structure that does not suit a company’s future cash flows leads to increased costs and unnecessary financial burden. The right capital structure is the only way to create value and generate returns in the long term.

We are experts in offering the best financial solution for every need.

Obtaining the right structure for corporate deals maximises the value and upside potential of real estate assets in the long term, while strengthening the abilities of management teams, improving the brand image, increasing tax benefits and protecting business interests.

We structure real estate businesses to optimise shareholder equity, ease access to capital, consolidate the value of the assets under management and make companies’ ownership structures more flexible.

We ease the relationship with the most appropriate investors and financial institutions in each transaction.

We have completed almost 100 corporate deals over the years. Our team of experts is the best partner of Joint Ventures agreements and Incorporation of shareholders to your business.

Build to Rent

A new dynamic in the Portuguese residential market

Many investment funds and real estate developers consider the Build to rent model a strategy to add to their portfolios, this type of property has a considerable financial return in sight. This may be the ideal time to revitalise the residential rental market in Portugal.

The Colliers team is a pioneer and expert in the structuring of BTR transactions in the Iberian Peninsula.

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