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Accurate and transparent valuation of your property


Analytical skills, an innovative approach to financial analysis and extensive appraisal experience, guarantees transparent property valuations. Our clients span institutional and private investors as well as property developers, owners and users.

Property valuation takes account of factors that are key to the value of the property and relies on our understanding of its potential. We offer valuation services for all types of real estate, whether this is land, commercial, office, hotel, warehouse or industrial. We will identify the most valuable areas of your property, advising on how to boost its value and make it attractive for the client. When substantiating our calculations, we present the final results in a clear and legible form.

Our core offer includes:

  • Valuation of property portfolios and individual properties
  • Desktop reports
  • Value calculations
  • Pre-purchase due diligence and valuation reports for all types of properties.
  • Pre-feasibility analyses
  • Highest and best use analyses
  • Market reports
  • Consultancy reports

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