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Dominika Jędrak - Colliers

Up-to-date commercial property market analyses


Informed investment decisions depend on a thorough understanding of the industry. That is why, drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we regularly conduct research of the commercial property market. We take account of future market trends meaning our analyses are relied on by Colliers experts and our clients.

We have access to the latest data about the commercial property market in Poland, constantly updated based on industry observations. Our analyses lay the foundation for the development of all client business strategies. Regular reports are released based on the data collected. These reports contain high level and detailed (e.g. focusing on a specific business area) market analyses. We also create customised reports for specific clients requests, performing comprehensive economic, competition and location analyses and feasibility studies, in addition to commercial property market research.

Our core offer includes:

  • Market research
  • Periodic market reports
  • Specialist market analysis in cooperation with local authorities
  • Economic and demographic analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Property market forecasts
  • Location analysis
  • Competition analysis

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